Key Guidelines to make the Perfect Sales Follow-up Call


“Success is counted sweetest

By those who ne’er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need.”

These beautiful lines said by Emily Dickinson clearly portrays the fact that success needs hard work and determination. In order to be successful, people have to fall in love with their profession – be it a doctor serving patients, lawyer fighting for clients, or a sales rep struggling to get deals. At the end what matters is a favorable outcome and it requires a perfect nurturing and an effective follow-up process right from the beginning.

Sales is one of the professions where success is completely dependant on the conversion ratio.  More sales conversion means that the sales team is selling smarter and closing more deals. Often, it is seen that sales people fail to get through the prospect’s calendar. What do you think could be the reason behind this failure? Is it the negligence of reps towards the job or is there any loophole in the strategy followed?

Reps need to focus more on their active selling skills in order to close more deals. Active selling skills require a perfect sales follow-up call. In many ways, it is more challenging than cold calls. An effective call gets the sales cycle rolling. That’s why it is absolutely vital to develop superb strategies around it to carve out the most.

Here are a few tips towards making a perfect follow-up call:

Create an Agenda: It is often seen that reps don’t establish a specific agenda for the follow-up call after the end of initial conversation. This leads to a communication gap between the rep and the prospective customer, resulting in call going in voicemail, missed calls and unclicked emails. Reps should proactively work towards fulfilling their commitment and should create an action plan for an effective follow up. They can add a note in their to-do list or set a reminder in their sales software towards making up a follow up call on a specified date and time.

Focus on Value Proposition: Prospects may not always have the requirement to buy your product. However, smart sales rep have been successful in creating needs in the mind of buyer. Prospects always care about the value proposition they will have from the offering. Value proposition is the strongest driver for decision making among customers. It is not only about selling your product these days but also about the constant process of re-emphasizing on the business value that the customer will attain from the offering. Thus, reps should create an impact on customers’ mind which makes it easy for them to be remembered during the follow up call.

Provide Step-Wise Consultation: In the initial stages, reps should not simply try to push the complete product. Rather, they should opt for consultative selling by becoming trusted advisors of customers. Reps can follow a process wherein they provide step-wise consultation to customers. Thus, in their first call, they can introduce their industry and solution and can thereafter, discuss various problems that the organization is facing. Once this is done, they can frequently follow up on such issues. Thus, this type of value-added selling will help the reps in more effective follow up as the prospect will be interested in listening each time they call.

Always play with Email: One of the best methods of conveying a message to prospects is through emails. Sales reps can follow a smart process, wherein they can play safe by blocking the prospect’s time through emails. Dropping emails well in advance will help the prospects in recalling the previous conversation and relating its context. This will help in strategizing the follow up process and creating a successful reputation of your business and yourself.

What are some of the other key constituents you have employed while making a successful sales follow-up call. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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