Is your Sales Development Team doing Justice to Inbound Leads?

The Market today is a lot more competitive than it was a few years back.

Technology companies are popping up way faster than you can even imagine. Companies are fighting it hard to get their share of the pie and you don’t want to be left behind.

Often it is observed that you invest a lot of money on your marketing activities to get the precious inbound leads. You spend on Paid marketing, content marketing, SEO and what not, the last thing you want to see is your sales reps not religiously following up on your leads.But unfortunately this is the case with many organizations out there. Research says 40% of your sales are lost because of a weak selling process.

You don’t want to be that guy who spends a fortune on acquiring qualified leads and has a poor sales process in place where the leads are leaking out of the funnel.

So what do you do? Get organized.


Get a Sales Development Platform

The industry has been working with CRMs since the last decade or so but it still has not been able to solve the challenges of an inside sales rep.

Too much time is wasted on manually logging data , creating opportunities and data entry operations. The end result is too much time wasted on non-selling activities and less time for sales conversations and hence fewer follow-ups.

Follow a Structured Sales Follow-up Campaign

We happen to call this a Sales Cadence. How it works is you create a series of communication touchpoints/steps with Call, Email, Social(Linkedin Inmail, Linkedin Message) spread over a timeline.

As a rep you are timely notified with reminders on your follow-up actions. After each communication step in finished you automatically move to the next step. Tasks on your dashboard give you a complete view of the pending actions for the day.


A lot of lead tracking and lead management softwares can only help you track leads by assigning a status and tag to your leads. However, getting Sales reps to take consistent action on it requires you to have a Sales stack beyond your CRM.

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