Introducing Some Cool New Features with Inside Sales Box [Feature Roundup]

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If you agree with me, the fundamental art of selling has really changed. When you buy a sales acceleration application, the only thing that comes up in your mind is that you should have complete flexibility while using the tool to multiply your sales. Not to be forgotten, there are several applications in the market that don’t favor flexibility and the sales agents find a tough time dealing with such irksome utilities.

Are you one of those sales guys who are frustrated with updating leads every single day? There’s absolutely nothing more depressing than this daunting task. As a sales guy, you probably have to deal with this strenuous procedure of keeping the prospect status up-to-date on the CRM. Well, here at Inside Sales Box, we are always ready to offer our clients something new to contribute a better user experience.
Rather than beating around the bush, let me highlight some of the latest cool features that has been added to our tool to ease off your troubles hanging on your head. Let us see what our product has to offer you.

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# Improved Lead Import with Enhanced Header Mapping

If you have not presented your service or product within the sufficient quality amount of time then you are going to land up nowhere. At the end of the day, a sales accelerating tool should meticulously include all the flexibilities to save your time. Keeping such kind of considerations in our mind, we have come up with a new functionality that will facilitate the process of importing the leads. Let us go through the newly incorporated feature in details.

Conveniently Track Your Progress

The lead import process has been categorized into five different stages to help you track the process conveniently. Now you can upload the leads through a systematic procedure, and at the same time get progress status of each step.

Intelligent Mapping Process

Remove all your concerns of mapping the fields while importing the prospects; the application follows an intelligent way of mapping the fields automatically. You do not have to map the fields manually searching for the correct fields anymore.

Avoid Duplicate Items During Import

Most of the sales agents face the trouble of uploading the same lead entries repeatedly as there is no concrete process to check out the duplicity of items. If you are facing the problem of duplicate entries in the record then this new feature will let you avoid duplicity. This is carried out on a simple search criterion involving multiple keys. The software checks duplicity of the lead entries based on multiple keys. Once the duplicity is found, either you have the option to ignore the duplicate item or you can also update the entries in the old CSV list.



# Convenience of Integrated Appointments for Sales Agents

In your business process, a sales agent is required to consistently be in communication with the leads and schedule meetings. In this process, the sales reps bear with the inconvenience of looking out for calendars manually each time they schedule meetings. Are you looking forward to a process that will facilitate you in scheduling appointments and meetings with your prospects?

Send Calendar Invite during On-call

To facilitate the process of scheduling meetings with the leads, we have introduced convenient access to the calendar even if the sales agents are on-call. Now, you can send the calendar invite even if you are talking to the leads.




# Improved Inside Sales Dashboard

As a sales manager, you must be looking forward to a more reliable process to analyze the activity of the sales reps. And to ensure this, we have come up with an enhanced dashboard. The dashboard has been considerably improved to provide you with the readiness of monitoring the workflow of sales reps. In order to get more insight into the newly implemented specs, follow the detail description of the features given below.

Visual Representation of Lead Status

To help you keep track of the complete performance metrics concerned with the different sales reps, you have now access to evaluate the progress status with the leads. What are the total numbers of leads? In addition, how the sales reps have progressed with the leads; all this kind of information will be available to you for moving on with your business process more efficiently.

Supervise Activity of Different Sales Agents

 A sales manager is more concerned about how the sales agents are moving on with their process of communicating with the leads. To streamline this process we have introduced some helpful graphical charts that contain different sets of data concerned to the various sales agents. The chart summarizes the sales reps activity both in percentage and in numbers.

Summarize Activity of Sales Reps

A sales manager like you will definitely look for a process that evaluates the activity of your sales agents on a timely basis. We do understand your concerns and to introduce this efficiency we have come up with a dashboard that will display the activity of sales reps on monthly, weekly or on a daily basis.

Pictorial Representation of Productivity/Sales Rep

Today, most of the sales managers are focused only in getting details about the productivity related results. To assist them, we have implemented a pie chart (pictorial representation of data) that will help the sales managers in analyzing the productivity results achieved by each sales agent.


Wrapping it Off…

Since the processes of sales organizations are time-bound and result-oriented, going ahead with such ideologies we intend to help sales reps in making the most of their time. The new features in Inside Sales Box present a unique way of increasing the efficiency of sales reps and the sales manager. I am sure the new functionalities will bring out more convenience in your sales workflow.

Happy Selling!

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