Instantly Book a Calendar over your Sales Call


The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot. The Sales reps spend a lot of their time on scheduling client meetings and keep on hopping from Calls to CRM, CRM to Email, Email to Calendars -for fixing a meeting with a client(appointment booking). If the time taken to schedule a meeting can be axed down, the productivity per employee will take an upward route. Hence, empowering sales reps with a functionality to manage their contacts, schedule and meetings on a single platform, will definitely add to their daily productivity.

And here Inside Sales Box comes in the picture, offering just what is required to solve the sales reps’ daily woes. The integrated Calendar Invite functionality offered by Inside Sales Box helps the sales reps in booking meetings through a calendar invite with just one click while talking to the client in real time. The invite can be sent to prospects along with internal team members for a face-to-face interaction or a demo or any type of meeting. Calendar Invite functionality ensures user-friendly experience by offering ease of planning events and call scheduling. Few simple steps need to be followed, once the sales rep decides to send an invite to the concerned prospect.

Here are the significant value adds of Inside Sales Box Calendar Invite feature:

Cut Down Time by Booking While Talking

Inside Sales Box helps a sales rep to send an invite while still talking to the client thereby implementing a real time solution, as well as avoiding any possibility of forgetting or missing out on sending a requisite invite.

Overcome Time Zone Barrier

Along with the usual fields of date and time of a meeting, Inside Sales Box offers you to select the specific time zone, to resolve the overlapping issue due to varied time zones of the clients and sales rep.

Ease of Choosing from Inbuilt Invite Templates

A sales rep can select a subject from available options like- Face-to-Face interaction, Demo Session and Conference Call as per the requirement and a corresponding inbuilt template for the same

Share Multiple Invites Instantaneously

In addition to sending an invite to a specific client, a sales rep can invite his internal team members as well. Hence, ensuring a cohesive team approach without much ado.

Simple Invite Acceptance by Attendees

The calendar invite is received by the attendees over their emails through a link, which they can simply accept and add to their Google or Outlook calendar by clicking over the link.


Your sales reps’ time is crucial, make the most of it!




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