Inside Sales Software Market – Time for more Research

What is the size of the inside sales software market?

As the Founder of, I get this question, a few times, each month. Mostly from well-wishing friends, and industry colleagues. Maybe, it is my excitement that elicits that question.

I confess that I find it tough to give them a straight answer.

So, I ask them back.

Their responses usually revolve around the Global CRM market, which at this point in time, is well-researched.

Wish I could say the same for Inside Sales?Inside Sales Software Market Research

Go On Google It

If you do an exact match search for “inside sales software market” you get 4 results in total. (Not 400,000 results). Plus the ads, of course.

None of the 4 results are relevant and are mostly job oriented.

You could search again without the inverted commas (Broad Match), only to get 7 million results, mostly irrelevant.

So, you get the drift.

Gartner to the Rescue?

Not exactly. The go-to analyst for research in the software space seems still at work. Inside sales software isn’t yet a ‘coverage’. The updated CRM Vendor Guide still has no mention of inside sales.

Is there a message in Gartner’s orientation? I do not know. Maybe it is early.

Software Listing Websites

I am talking Capterra, GetApp, SoftwareAdvice, TrustRadius, G2 Crowd and their many friends. But for Capterra, none of the others have a separate category for inside sales software. Thus, the challenge of getting clubbed with other CRMs, sales acceleration tools to email marketing software and sales dialers.

Will these listing sites take my request?

Sales Leaders

No commentary on insides sales is remotely complete without taling about and Salesforce. The AppExchange lists 1000 apps at a minimum, when talking sales. And that is a big crowd. Sadly, there isn’t a sub-categorisation for inside sales. (our respected competition) has led the discussion and debate on this subject, for over a decade. On the flip side, there is also an impression that they are doing too many things thus treading into the territory of hardcore sales.

Yours Truly

We find all this under-research very exciting at InsideSalesBox. Primarily, it presents an opportunity that the world is yet to tap into. Secondly, it is a continuous challenge to figure things out. Given limited research, progress towards a successful product warrants quick experimentations, proper data collection, analysis and repeat.

On the market side, at one end of the spectrum, you are catering to a Single owner who is looking to expand his inside sales team by 10X – with a software, of course. At the other end, you are supporting a Sales Operations leader in a large enterprise put together a powerful internal pitch deck.

It would not be incorrect to say that our research is ON.



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