Inside Sales Software for a Sales Development Process. Really?

Don’t all your leads passed on from marketing to sales become customers?

No? Too bad.

Before you go for my jugular, I must remind you that it was just a dream.

The numbers games is a rude reminder that most of the leads do not have a buying intent, today. As a result, not too many close. 

Do you confront similar issues?

The situation is tricky and we have also faced this in the past. The key is to develop an effective sales development process. With the rise in technology, you can shop around for many an inside sales software that can help you create a sales development process. 

How do you choose one? Which one will help you create the most effective process?

Let’s take a look at the features you should consider.

What to look for in an Inside Sales Software?

Inside Sales Software for a Sales Development Process. Really?

Powerful Lead Qualification Process

The sales team must be crystal clear about the definitions of lead, prospect, opportunity, MQL, SQL and the respective processes for eventually qualifying them. Sales teams need a holistic adoption framework that establishes the definitions of all these concepts clearly within the organization for everyone in the team to follow.

What if a software can help you achieve this? 

The inside sales software should have a cadence for lead qualification which can be followed by every rep. The software can even notify them of the daily required activity. 

Content Management

How many hours in a week do your reps spend just looking for marketing and sales collateral? While time is a casualty, frustration is the killer.

Sales reps use a number of collaterals, presentations and other content assets for their online and in-person meetings with prospects. Many organizations have no central content management portal that sales reps can access to locate the content assets. 

An inside sales software helps you store documents that will act as a ready reference for the whole team and can be looked upon during calls or meetings. 

Sales Coaching

Even if the processes are set and terms defined – operations may not be that smooth. Here coaching plays an important role. After hiring it is the most important challenge for sales managers. 


Imagine a platform where everyone can collaborate and managers can give live feedback on calls and processes. Nothing beats tribal knowledge.  

How would you rate your sales development process? Were you able to stabilize it with software? Or did you use another intervention?

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