Inside Sales Memes to Motivate your SDRs

How do you motivate your SDR team?

By giving an occasional uplifting speech? How effective has it been?

No research suggests that memes are effective in increasing sales productivity, but you can surely inject some levity by sharing memes within your team.

Let’s take a look at some of the best inside sales memes and when they should be used.

Bad Rejection

Nothing discourages an SDR more than a bad rejection. As a sales manager or team member, you must make sure that he makes the next call with full confidence. 


Whenever they get knocked down, encourage them to dust themselves off  with this success kid meme. 

Notes in the CRM

Good notes help you take better decisions. They let you know how individual leads are doing.


But sometimes, in day-to-day business of selling, your team might miss out on entering relevant and detailed information. This meme can help remind them of the importance of CRM notes.


One call, One deal. This rarely happens with SDRs. But when it does, they surely deserve an appreciation. 


On the other side, the satisfied seal-meme is all about the good feelings in life. If your inside sales team has been struggling with a couple of tough weeks, it’s helpful to remind them that there are abundant possibilities of leads getting closed easily. 

Do you have any favourite memes? Do share them in comments. 

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