Inside sales email templates and strategies that worked for us

`Inside sales email templates and strategies that worked for us

Inside sales teams often struggle to come up with the best cold email templates and processes to connect with cold prospects. They are expected to generate opportunities from a cold list of prospects assigned to them. Traditional processes include sending out a detailed company profile and then calling the prospects repeatedly with no results. Our inside sales teams were going through similar challenges until we revamped our prospect outreach process. The new process that I implemented generated over 30% more leads than traditional outreach techniques.  

How I did it?

There are a lot of resources online that help you in doing research on what works best for your industry. After considerable amount of research, I came up with a 5 step process for our prospect outreach. We have since utilized this inside sales strategy across our entire team and have seen considerable benefits.

I am happy to share my cold Inside Sales email templates here; you can utilize them as per your own discretion.

Step 1: First contact email

Here is a template that I used



  • Personalized subject line that will encourage the reader to open the email
  • Introduction on the first line as it is the first time that you are connecting with a prospect
  • Mention of the core pain points that helps you identify with the prospect
  • Subtle introduction of our company with some strong customer references
  • Request for identification of authority

In this mail, I am not trying to sell them anything; my objective here is to connect with the right prospect.

Results: I got around 20% responses from this mail


Step 2: After 5 days send a follow up email

Here is an Inside Sales Email template that I used on top of my previous mail



  • Understanding the busy schedule of the prospect with a simple follow up
  • Ending the email with a question encouraging the prospect to respond

Results: Amazingly, I got around 35% more replies on this. At this stage, the uninterested prospects would simply reply with a ‘Not interested’ comment.


Step 3: After 3 days, call the prospect and leave a voicemail if unavailable

At this stage, I would leave a brief message stating that I was doing some research on your company and it looks like you are the right person to talk to regarding contact center technology for improving your customer outreach. I would also mention that I sent you an email and would appreciate some feedback, and would close with my phone number and email address.


  • I am trying to build a recall to my previous email with the prospect
  • Establishing another communication channel with the prospect

Results: Zero, none of them would return my call or reply to me. But the key here is that I have established another communication channel that will help me later on.


Step 4: After 3 days, call and leave a voicemail if unavailable

Here I would remind that I called a few days ago and I am still trying to connect with you.


  • This would be a gentle reminder that I will not back down and I am looking for a response on my connect request.
  • Short and actionable message

Results: I got around 10% prospects to call me back connecting me to right person or start engagement.


Step 5: After 3 days, send breakup email

Here is the template that I would on a new email



  • I am trying to break off contact but would still leave space for future connects
  • Mention of the fact that I may have reached them at a bad time

Results: Around 5% of my prospects would connect me to another member of their team.


Overall, this 5 step process has worked wonders to my inside sales prospect outreach. We have since applied this process across our team and have integrated this with predictive dialer which helps us to do lead segmentation and automated dialing. We can now classify prospects in groups, create lists and automate our calls. Each step triggers the next action which is automatically synchronized to the CRM dashboard integrated with our contact center.

The key here is persistence. All throughout the process, I am never trying to sell them anything, all I do is to start an engagement. This is a great way to filter serious prospects and to ensure our target audience know about our company and what we are selling.

Happy selling!

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Note: If you have been at the end of some of these emails from our team, please appreciate the effort that we have put in to reach out to you. We value your association and hope you are not offended in any way.


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