Inside Sales Box Product Release


Inside Sales Box has come up with a ton of feature updates for July Release. Along with the major user interface changes, we have brought you some awesome feature enhancements that will keep you organised, save time and close more deals in your Q2.

Inside Sales Box’s New Look

We have come up with some significant UI updates. The new user Interface  gives you a  totally new user experience.


Auto Addition of Country Code

In most of the cases, the leads in the CSV file do not have the country code and the sales reps find it really annoying to add country codes of all phone numbers. To ensure that sales reps don’t face this problem, we have come up with a new feature that comes in handy for sales reps while uploading leads to Inside Sales Box. By default, the country code is set as + 1 for all the US state numbers. However, for other regions, the manager may specify the default country code and it would be added by default with no effort.


Contact Cards Displays Rhythm Name

Offering more flexibility to work with the contact cards, we have introduced a major feature enhancement by which contact cards display the Rhythm name associated with the lead.


One-Click Option to Remove/Add leads to Rhythm

While disposing a call, a sales rep may choose to add the lead to a specific Rhythm or remove the lead from a Rhythm.


Get Notification Number on Buzz

Now sales reps will get to see the number of fresh notifications on the Buzz icon located right at the top.


Logs Call Recording URL to CRM

Inside Sales Box now triggers the call recording URL in Salesforce with the help of Zapier integration. Clicking on the URL in Salesforce CRM will allow you to hear the details of the call.

Dashboard Activity Filter

This new functionality introduced in Inside Sales Box lets you filter the call or email activities on the  Dashboard activity area based on call and email results.


Automatic Detection of Timezone

To make the job of sales reps even better, Inside Sales Box has come up with the timezone detection feature that automatically captures the timezone of the lead from the phone number.


Records Timestamp for Notes in Background Info

The notes added during any activity get added in the Background info with timestamp to give you a better context.


Now, Create Your Own Customized Filters

To get closest to the required leads, you may create and use custom filters for any field values based on which you want to search the leads.


Bulk Action On Leads Just Got Better

Rep may now Bulk select the leads and perform any of the lead operations like apply tags or change owner, assign to Rhythm. For calling and emailing session, a sales rep can take bulk action on 100 leads at a time.


Show more Activities” Now With Push Based User Activity

Now, our activity feed on dashboard and lead detailed view is based on push- based user notifications. This will help the sales reps to get all new or past activities instantaneously.


 Keep watching this space for more updates!

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