Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement – July’16


We bring you some amazing new features and enhancements in our June product release. Check out the live streaming chat functionality that provides single click support to our customers. To streamline your efforts on Rhythm, we have introduced smart filters and some new stages. Let’s have a quick glance on all the features.

Enable/Disable Call Recordings

At Inside Sales Box, we have added a new feature that enables SDRs to record their sales calls. The call recording is based on the state based call recording  rules in United States. For the states, where the mutual consent of both the parties is required, the setting can put OFF and the call recordings are put ON if the prospect allows to do so.  For states where call recordings are legally allowed, users may put call recordings ON at the backend.


Voicemail Notifications

Voicemails from a lead can no longer be missed by sales development representatives while they are away. Introducing a significant workflow around notifications, now reps will receive notifications on Buzz for any voicemail message dropped by the lead. Reps can also find the details of the voicemail in the user activity stream.


App Messaging Integration: Live Support

Now our customers can send us chat messages in the app itself and our customer success managers will reply online. The Intercom integration with Inside sales Box lets you ask questions or share your feedback thereby eliminating any type of communication barriers between our customers and CSM. We will conduct customer on-boarding and support over the embedded app.


Immediate CallBack After Call Drop

The callback option offered by Inside Sales Box lets a sales rep call back a lead while disposing a call. This option is convenient for reps where they get to know that the lead is available on another number or the call was dropped off.


Follow-up Email After Sales Call

This feature lets you send a follow-up email to the prospect while disposing a sales call.  


Send Email to Different Email Addresses.

Sales reps can now send messages to any of the email ids of the lead.  As Leads may have more than one email-id, we have introduced the option for selecting any of the email addresses of the lead while sending messages.


100% Accurate Linkedin Profile Search

This new feature makes it foolproof in  finding the correct prospect profile  on LinkedIn by using variables like first name, last name  and company name.


New Stages in Rhythm

Now, sales reps will be able to know the exact status of leads in every step of the rhythm. Leads in any Rhythm Step will appear in three different categories : Today, Overdue and Pending.  This will enable the sales reps to see the progress of leads and determine the pending actions  for that particular day.


Smart Filters in Rhythm

This new feature allows the sales development reps to filter out the leads based on their office time, last step result, country and timezones. To determine whether a lead is in business hours, we have introduced a smart filter – Office time . The filter will check whether the lead exists in office time or not as per lead’s timezone, following which reps can start engaging with the leads in the rhythm.

Action Required State in Rhythm

The new rule sets introduced in rhythm based on which the leads come into Action required state. Rep may take further actions on Paused leads as required.  They may resume the paused leads in current Rhythm, add them in other Rhythm or remove from the current Rhythm.


Schedule Daily & Weekly Sales Reports

This new feature in Inside Sales Box puts the portability of scheduling the daily or weekly report  to sales managers for monitoring the team’s progress. The report provides the details of how many calls/emails the sales development reps make on a daily or weekly basis.


Let us know what do you think about all these cool updates in the Comment Section below.

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