Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement – Aug’16


This week we have come up with massive new features and improvements in Inside Sales Box. The new release brings an awesome user experience and empowers salespeople to connect with more leads and convert faster. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Auto-Suggestions WhileTagging Leads

With this new feature, while tagging the leads, the auto-suggest feature would prompt the owner’s tags that are already there in the system.


Chrome Title Bar Now Displays Lead Name

Specifically, while working on leads in Inside Sales Box, sales reps open numerous tabs. This makes them difficult to distinguish between the different pages open in separate tabs. To avoid such kind of ambiguity, Inside Sales Box has come up with a functionality by which the Chrome title bar will display the name of the lead  on which the sales reps are working.


Create Related Leads

Sales reps can now create a new lead with similar account field values simply by clicking on the Related Lead button.


Personalize Email Templates With All Lead Fields

Now sales reps have the option of using user-defined lead fields while creating email templates. Along with the system field variables, now reps can also use the customized field variables in their email templates.


New Email Pane

The revamped email pane brings you the best user experience with the following updates:

  • Collapsible Template Selection Area
The template area in the email compose window is now collapsible. After selecting the desired email template, reps can choose to collapse the template area.


  • Minimize Your Email Window

Inside Sales Box let’s sales reps minimize their current email compose window so that they can easily switch to other tabs.


  • Schedule Your Emails To Send Later
With Inside Sales Box, reps can now easily schedule an email that they want to send later. The email will be sent to the lead automatically at chosen date and time.  This feature  allows  reps  to communicate with their leads when they are most likely to respond.  

Interaction Notes in Call Activities

The dashboard activity area now shows the interaction notes added for that specific call. This will enable the sales reps to keep a tab on the call related activities directly from the dashboard.


Safety Net For Rhythm

When creating a Rhythm, if a sales rep navigates to another tab then a notification appears on the screen that asks the reps to save or discard the changes made to the Rhythm. This feature has been added to restrict the loss of Rhythm-related information in Inside Sales Box.


Sorting Leads Basis Field Values

Reps can now easily sort the leads based on the lead column field values. Sorting the leads will enable reps to view the leads as per their requirement.

View Task Status For Specific Leads

Inside Sales Box has come up with a major feature update by which reps can see the tasks associated with a specific lead in the detailed view of the lead. This will allow reps to keep a check on the tasks that are pending, overdue or scheduled for that particular lead. Further, reps will be able to add, edit or mark the tasks as complete from the lead-detail view.

Now Manager Can Access Reps’ Rhythms

With this feature, a manager can access a rep’s Rhythm and also edit it if  any improvements are required.


Let me know what do you think about this month’s upgrades in the comment section below.

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