Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement – April’16


Insides Sales Box is back with monthly update on all new features. All this time we were driven to make our customer experience better than the best. So join us in announcing some of the wonderful features that will make your inside sales team’s life easy for sure!

Local Presence Dialer: Increase Call Connects by Displaying Local Area Phone Numbers

This new feature will enable the inside sales reps to successfully connect with prospects  by displaying a smart caller ID local to  their area. Inside Sales Box currently supports this feature for US region. As per various surveys, the effectiveness of local presence can increase connect rates by 400 %.

Rep Based Phone Number: Reps May Now Personalize their Outreach with Personal Numbers

Rep Based DID provided by Inside Sales Box helps reps connect with their prospects over personal numbers. Each rep in an organisation may configure a personal number for calling prospects. So, when prospects want to connect with specific rep, they can simply call back on that same number to reach out the dedicated SDR.


Lead Data Enrichment : Enrich Lead with Contact and Contextual Information  

This feature enriches the leads with contact  information like phone numbers, twitter handle, Linkedin URL, Personal Blog Link and other personal account ids from email ids.  In addition to this, contextual information like Company Name, Industry type, Designation, Location is also captured by ISB now. You would have a great information about the lead in your hand now to make maximum contextual touchpoints with the prospects.

Datenrichment.gif Integration : Inside Sales & Field Sales teams may now sync up SFDC leads with InsideSalesBox

Accelerate your business process with the SFDC integration that enables Salesforce users to see the new leads that has been created in Inside Sales Box and vice-versa. Similarly, any activity carried out on a lead at Inside Sales Box like email or call is logged as a Task in Salesforce.


Email Link Tracking: Reps May Now Track the Prospects Clicking Email Links

Get real time notification when a lead clicks on  text embedded URL and web links in an email. With this feature,  SDRs  will be able to know when the leads have opened the emails and clicked the links. This gives reps a valuable insight into the email interactions with their leads.

Rhythm Based Filtering Option

The lead filter panel now supports filtering leads on the basis of Rhythm. Sales rep can refine the leads that belong to a particular rhythm. Further, there is also an provision of filtering the leads that exist in none of the rhythms.


Linkedin Invite/ Inmail Templates: Personalize LinkedIn Messages

Send messages to your leads on LinkedIn through tailored email templates and drive more lead conversions. With Omni, reps can send personalized email messages to the leads by using templates having variables like First Name, Company Name.


View Email Read as an Activity

Whenever a prospect read an email sent by SDR over Inside Sales Box, it is logged in the activity dashboard. This enables reps to keep record of the email messages when they were  read and by whom.

Clickable Links as Lead Fields

Inside Sales Box provides an advanced feature that gives the advantage to inside sales reps to access web links like Company URL for any lead.


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