Inside Sales Box Features Update  Feb’17

Inside Sales software features 
Inside Sales Box is back with new features and updates to begin the year 2017 with a great zest. With new year comes new aspirations and goals and when you are in Sales, goals are always sought after like a champion! So we have got your back and are here to arm you with more and better tools to take on your goals.

The highlights of this month can be categorized into – New Features and Product Updates. So without much ado let’s get straight to the business-

Simply put, key new features are developed to help sales guys prospect efficiently and with greater intelligence-

Manage Tasks in just a click

At Inside Sales Box we understand that as Sales Development Rep (SDR) you have to juggle between numerous leads on daily basis. So now to make things easy for you, we’ve got all your tasks under one tab in a comprehensive section.

Wherein every task is segregated with respect to your actionables like email, phone, meetings and other engagements. Further you can filter your tasks as Open, Upcoming, Close and All to track your activities and adhere to your schedule. To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of your crucial task, system will prompt you via actionable reminders certain minutes prior to the task as well as immediately before the task. For every actionable reminder you can just click and do your task related to email and phone, which will be auto-marked as done.

SDRs managing tasks

Email Opt Out option for better management

To ensure that your leads database constitutes engaging prospects, it is required that you explicitly manage those cases wherein a lead does not want to receive further communication from your end. And to tackle such a scenario, Inside Box has rolled out a new feature – Email Opt Out.

Sales process is a two-way activity and therefore SDRs should be engaging with active prospects and should not just keep on sending out emails to those leads which do not want to be disturbed. So, now you can send an unsubscribe link as a part of your mail, giving the receiver an option to discontinue from receiving mails in future if not interested. This can be implemented as a one time task by updating the mail settings, or you can set it for any rhythm or a specific mail. You will receive a notification whenever somebody clicks on unsubscribe link and if that lead is a part of any active rhythm, it would be parked in Action Required tab until any further action taken by the SDR.

Email opt out for clean CRM

Auto-log Linkedin activities without hassle

We all know that social platforms like LinkedIn are an integral part of an SDR’s sales outreach process, but what is more cumbersome- is ensuring these social activities are recorded in your sales platform as well.

And here Inside Sales Box comes into the picture to remove such blockers which are hampering your productivity. Our new feature helps to  auto log your LinkedIn activities in the system. Once a lead is a part of your database in Inside Sales Box with it’s relevant LinkedIn details, every time you visit its profile or send a connect request/inmail it would be auto logged into the system without any manual intervention. So now you can imbibe social selling into your sales outreach and prospect like a modern SDR. Also, logging social activities will help you to give a complete snapshot of an SDRs sales outreach.

Log in social activities on CRM

Secondly, major product updates are initiated for better management from an SDR’s point of view-

Sync multiple folders over Gmail account

Now the sync between your Gmail account and Inside Sales Box (ISB) is not limited to Sent items only, you can select multiple folders from your Gmail account which can be synced with ISB effortlessly. This will help to track all the email threads from within the ISB.

Sync gmail with Sales CRM

Forward emails to accelerate the process

In the earlier version, for emails there was just an option reply all, but from now onward you can forward the email to someone within the team or other other relevant contact for that particular account to expedite the decision process or including them in the conversation if required.

Email forward option

Please do try out the new features and updates and share your feedback as we believe improvement is a continuous process and of course we love to hear from our customers!

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