Inside Sales Box Features Update  Dec’16


Inside Sales Box team is back with some amazing features to end the year 2016 on a higher note. We have got various value-ads to assist sales reps crush their quotas and close the year like champions. So just sit back and scroll what  we have in store for you.

Inbound Call Routing Over Inside Sales Box

When a prospect calls back on Rep DID, the call is routed to that particular rep and they can choose to accept, reject or put the call on silent. For an incoming call from an existing lead, the activity gets listed in the user activity stream.


 Create Meetings As Task

Reps can now create meetings with the lead as Tasks and mark it complete when the meeting is done.


Capture What Your leads Are Talking About

This new feature in Inside Sales Box  enables sales reps to have access to all the tweets of the leads that can be sorted both on Relevancy and Time.


New Email Editor in Inside Sales Box

The new email editor enables sales reps to choose their desired fonts and font size.


Get Alerts for Important Notifications

Reps will receive real time notification for missed calls, voicemail and assignment of leads on email so that they do not miss upon any opportunities.


Add Call Notes

Reps can now add notes while they are on call so that they can record all the relevant information immediately.


Duplicate Checks While Importing Leads

 Reps can now find duplicate leads and merge them appropriately with the following options.

  1. Ignore duplicate leads
  2. Replace duplicates
  3. Update lead-fields (Inside Sales Box primary data)
  4. Update lead-fields ( CSV primary data)
  5. Import duplicates


Sync Your Google Calendar Invites over Inside Sales Box

When a rep schedules an event with a lead (or vice-versa) on Google Calendar, that event is automatically synced over Inside Sales Box and is logged as a meeting in the user activity stream.This feature also captures the updates of the Google Invites like postponed event, etc.


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