Inside Sales Box Feature Updates Sep’16


At Inside Sales Box, September began with some awesome feature updates to make our user experience a delight. So just sit back and have a look at all the wonderful features which will help you to up your sales development game.

 Share Or Unshare Your Rhythm With Reps

Now inside sales managers can share their Sales Cadence – Rhythm with reps so that the sales team can work as per the workflow shared by the manager.


Apply Custom Tags While Importing Leads

Sales reps can apply the existing custom tags or create a new custom tag for the whole set of uploaded leads so that they can identify the assigned tags later.


View Lead Count in Rhythm Stages

Reps can now see the number of leads at any stage (Today, Upcoming, Overdue) in Rhythm.


Use Intelligent Activity Info

With this new feature, reps can view the auto-activity fields(like Last RPC Connect Date, Last Email Sent Date) for a lead so that they can decide their next course of action based on the analysis of the current field values.


Test Your Email Templates

Reps can now check their email templates by sending test emails so that they could review them before sending out to the leads


Share Leads with their Background Info

While sharing leads with their Account Executives (or any other other team member), reps can now share the background info of the lead along with other details.


Add Leads Via Sales Navigator

This new feature enables sales rep to add leads in Inside Sales Box via LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Watch this space for more upcoming features.

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