Inside Sales Box Feature Updates (October’16)



We are back with more amazing features and updates to enhance inside sales teams’ productivity and ensure faster deliverability.So, let’s discover about the latest updates of this release

Smart Filters For Documents

Reps can filter email templates, Linkedin messages, Linkedin invites under Documents based on views like public, private or All. However, sales manager has the option to view the email templates rep wise also.

Document filter.gif

Smart Filters For Rhythms

Sales reps can filter and view all the private/public rhythms based on their requirement. However, managers can  also view the rhythms rep-wise.


Enhanced Call Bar

Reps can now view the outgoing number from which they are calling and to whom they are calling on the call bar. Besides that, reps can also mute/unmute themselves on phone calls.


One-Click Lead Creation

With this new feature, sales rep can add leads to Inside Sales box at just once click.


Filter & Select Your Email Templates

Sales reps can filter out email templates based on views such as public/private


Custom Tag Your Omni Leads

Reps can now assign tags to leads while adding them to Inside Sales Box using Omni.


Bulk Action in Rhythm

Reps can now select multiple leads in a particular rhythm step and perform the desired bulk action like skipping or removing the leads.


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