Inside Sales Box, All-In-One Inside Sales Software Announces Integration With Zapier


Inside Sales Box, an all-in-one Sales Acceleration platform for B2B inside sales teams today announced its integration with Zapier, the one stop app for automating tasks that enables businesses to connect with 500+ top web services that includes Marketing Automation, Forms, CRM’s, Social Media and much more.

Organizations using Zapier for automating tasks can now use Insidesalesbox integration to automate contacts import/export to and fro from various CRM’s and Marketing automation tools, automating their workflows while cutting down on their manual efforts and time.

Following popular tasks can be automated with Inside Sales Box+Zapier integration:-

Apart from this, Organizations using Zapier can also create their own custom zaps to sync data from Web Forms, Email Marketing tools, Social media tools and many more. Integration with Zapier helps organizations strengthen their sales cloud.

Integrating with Zapier makes us one of the few Sales Acceleration platforms that enables organizations with complete flexibility to design their own sales stack with end-to end workflows covering Marketing Automation, Inside Sales & CRMs” – Sachin Bhatia, Founder-InsideSalesBox.

About Inside Sales Box

InsideSalesBox is an All-in-1 Inside Sales Software that helps B2B inside sales teams convert leads into qualified opportunities in a faster and predictable manner. With its signature Power Dialer technology, coupled with advanced sales email tracking , Social Media integration and Sales rhythm feature Inside Sales reps can now follow-up with a defined sales campaign consisting of multitude of touchpoints of Phone, Email & Social all from one single platform, bringing predictability to the sales process and 2X conversion.

InsideSalesBox caters to Inside Sales teams for SaaS, Computer Software, IT services, Marketing & Advertising, Financial organizations and other similar B2B organizations.

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About Zapier

Zapier is a web service platform that provides task automation between apps. Zapier provides integration with more than 500+ web apps. Zapier helps organizations automate tedious manual tasks saving manual effort and time. Organization in return can more efficiently use their resources for other important tasks at hand.

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