India SAAS Inbound Leads Response Report- 2015 [Free Report]

India SAAS Inbound Leads Response Report 2015

Companies spend a great deal of money and effort for generating inbound leads, especially those dealing into B2B products. However, the complete exercise might go to waste if the inbound leads are not responded in an efficient manner. We all have heard this several times that the speed at which the sales team respond to an inbound lead is directly correlated to the conversion. So, the quicker you respond to an inquiry, the higher the odds it will turn into a lead.

This research report highlights the importance of inbound leads and talks about a research conducted by Inside Sales Box on 90 B2B SaaS companies in India to analyse their inbound sales readiness. It was observed that not even one-third of the companies responded to inbound leads.

Another major observation was the response time. Very few companies contacted the inbound leads in less than an hour. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision makers as firms that try to contact prospects even an hour later.

The research report also emphasizes on the fact that Indian SaaS companies are still struggling with inbound sales and discusses the ways to efficiently manage inbound leads in order to close more sales and expand on a global level.

Click here to download SAAS Inbound Lead Response Report- 2015 for free and get deeper insights of the research report including the best SAAS companies in India who scored high in lead response research.




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