Hubspot and Call Center Solutions – Friends or Foes?

Hubspot and Call Center Solutions - Friends or Foes?Dharmesh Shah of hubspot in his blog post in 2007 had predicted death of Telemarketing in 10 years. 

In another Article he says:

“So, instead of blasting the world with, you know, telemarketing and going to trade shows and sending out mailers and all the things we used to do back in the 80s and 90s to try and find customers, … Why not write a blog and talk about why your product is going to change the world and why customers will benefit from it?”

Though the mention was for Telemarketing only, it got me thinking whether hubspot is a friend or a foe of call center solutions like Texo.CC . After some thought, I believe the intelligence gathered from the Web Channel (Hubspot) and from Human Interaction and Voice Analytics in Contact Centers can be combined to give some very powerful actionable analytics.

A few use-cases could be:

1. A Credit Card Defaulter checking bank’s website and receiving a call.  (Here Contact Center works on intelligence from Web)

2. Depending on Agent interactions, Voice Analytics adding human persona in hubspot (Colors can change on the Web, and different products can be shown in magento)

Now that Hubspot has launched a CRM, a platform that has been Call Center Solutions friends for long, I can safely conclude we are friends (for now :)) infact it’s now called a contact centre hub. Read about Agile Customer Engagement hub.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of Dharmesh Shah and hubspot and we are contemplating using the platform ourselves.

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