How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Sales Management

“Develop your dreams,
Advertise your goals,
Execute your plan,
Close the sale.”

The quote above seems to be so perfect, expounding sales as a very strategic and systematic approach to produce exceptional performance. But Is the sales game so easy? Is delivering extraordinary results a tough nut to crack? Generally, it only takes a few number of common mistakes by a sales team to lose the sales battle. Thus, as a sales manager, one should focus on the problems faced by sales reps and should continuously endeavour to get rid of the resistance in order to achieve transformational improvements.

Sales reps face issues on a repetitive basis, be it related to attending a sales call or closing a sales deal. Solving these problems with smart solutions is what successful managers do. For them managing teams and planning sure shot techniques is not a difficult task. What differentiates them from laggards is  the kind of sales management technique that they use for glorifying the sales process.

Sales Management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations. It is a process that involves different facets of sales development. Organizations implementing sales management in their core operations are the one who have witnessed success. Thus, in order to achieve an effective sales management strategy, sales manager should focus on these “gunshots” which includes setting up your team’s ultimate goals, providing unprecedented sales support as well as training, crafting new and compelling strategies and finally evaluating your team’s performance and results.

Here are few ways in which sales management can help organizations and their employees to better understand the complete sales cycle, take control of the overall operations and finally hit those sales target right on their head:

Effective Planning: A strategic sales plan is important to the success of sales efforts. Often, it is seen that reps with poor performance are those who are working without any determination and set goals in place.  In order to be a super performer, you as a sales manager need to realize the importance of effective sales planning. Starting with setting team goals that are particularly aligned with company’s overall objectives can be the initial step of your go to plan. Your goals should be such designed so as to describe not just your products and services, but your unique selling proposition as well. USP is what sets an organization apart from competition. Thus, with the help of effective sales management, your reps can define their ideal customers, identify their needs and changing behaviour. Accordingly, they can also do a feasibility study for their planning process and eliminate the loopholes on the road to success.

Successful Implementation: Sales management helps the sales manager to smartly induce the new plan among their team members. But, just letting your sales team to understand the new plan won’t be enough unless you explain them the reason behind a particular strategy. Support your answers with powerful benefits and some motivational speeches that take out the stress factor out of your sales team. As a sales manager you should be proactive to keep a track of your team’s performance and continuously help them to grow and sell better. As a part of a brilliant strategy start with setting milestone goals for your sales rep and reward everyone to boost their morale which will ultimately help in achieving outstanding results.

Supportive Coaching: You should be able to determine the type and urgency of various sales coaching sessions to get the best out of your sales reps. Just attaining the quota can never be a competitive goal put in by a sales manager. You should ensure a complete plan for providing timely sales coaching to your reps with latest tools and technology. A good sales management process stops a manager to manually set the types of coaching, agenda of discussions or may be the frequency with which the coaching will be scheduled. The process will smoothly help managers to understand the requirement of their team and will help them to set a defined process which will clearly fulfill the coaching need, frequencies of the sessions and the point of discussions to be addressed.

Advanced monitoring: You as a sales manager must be wondering about your sales team performance. Since you cannot always take updates from you sales team or track performance on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for you to justify the conduct of your team in front of the management. Successful sales managers empower their team with sales acceleration software which has the capability of managing day to day sales activities. Also, the smart software has a sales dashboard where you can view insights on the performance of your sales team. Thus, with help of the useful insights, managers can redesign KPIs and SLAs redefine the performance of the team.

Establishing checkpoints: It is important for a sales organization to keep check on their process and desired outcomes. Usually, the management does a quarterly review with the team which adds loopholes in the effectiveness of a sales plan. This encourages the sales reps to focus on their quarterly goals and not monthly performance. If you want your team team to be successful, it is very important for you to keep a monthly check on the techniques being followed and the reasons behind missing quotas. With this kind of practice, you will have a better view of the problem spots which will help you in forming strategies to boost the motivation of every individual in your team.

If you are still working in an organization without a set process in place then it is the need of the hour to quickly introduce a sales management process in order to achieve sales excellence . It is necessary for your organization to take a close look at their sales management process because it is the backbone of a high-performing team.

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