How to Slam Dunk Sales with Cold Calling Software

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These days everything we can imagine of, is going digital and thus, most of us argue that cold calling is a nuisance. Cold calling is often a feeble attempt to convince potential customers to buy your product/service. What if we told you that with the implementation of effective cold calling software, you can be sure to turn cold calls into warm calls? Yes, the same digitalization that has proved to be a hindrance for cold calling can now prove to be a boon when integrated with a great software.

Major benefits of cold calling software that can be extremely useful during cold calls:-


  1. Auto Dialing

Auto dialing is a basic yet central feature of cold calling software. Inside sales reps need to make calls at a faster pace, increase productivity and thereby, increase the company’s reach among potential customers. This is where the advantages of an inside sales dialer increase manifolds. Moreover, while making cold calls, it is judicious to not make calls randomly without being aware of fundamental information about your potential customer. This is where the software comes in handy by incorporating a lead list in auto dialling.

  1. Lead Preview

We repeat – calling potential customers without even the faintest information about them is a terrible idea. Cold calling software can be extremely valuable for pulling up information about your potential customers from varied sources such as CRM, social media, email chat history, etc. The Sales Intelligence Tools inside the software captures details about your prospect and feeds information to the sales reps while they are making the cold calls. This way, your reps can make valuable and customized propositions to your potential customers.

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  1. Automated Voicemail Drops & Email Drops

Cold calls are not all about calling as a lot of people presume. If potential customers are unable to answer the call, your reps should always have the option to leave a note on the prospect’s voicemail. The software allows inside sales reps to place automated voicemail drops if the prospect misses the call. At the same time, the reps also get the option of sending a customized note, with the help of the software. On the other hand, with the help of the software, it becomes easier for reps to drop an email after they have spoken to the prospect. The content and nature of the email would also be modified depending on the needs of the potential customer.


  1. Call Recording

Ever wondered why your cold call script didn’t work out the way you wanted to or what made a good call turn awry? With the integration of call recording feature in the software, you will be able to get these answers and more. Call recording will come to your aid you to improve quality of cold calls and upgrade skills of reps, capture missed details, isolate critical parts of a conversation, develop customised products, and reputation management. In concise words, it will surely help in bettering the quality of cold calls.

  1. Call Scripting

People often crack under pressure and reps are no different. Therefore, it makes sense to have a decently written script ready while making cold calls. It is pretty easy to amalgamate call scripting into the software and make the entire process of drawing a potential customer easier than it sounds. Ultimately, making a sale is all about confidence. Call scripts can be used correctly to build confidence and knowledge among your inside sales reps.

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Do you think we missed out on any other key benefits of cold calling software? Have you come across a situation where it came to your rescue to improve cold calls? Let us know in your comments.

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