How to Sell to Millennials or Gen Y Decision-Makers


Millennials, also known as Generation Y (born between 1980’s- 2000), are the fastest-growing and the most diverse generation of the world. Many salespeople are encountering millennials as key decision-makers within targeted companies. And what millennials seek in a sales experience is very different from than their predecessors (Generation X or Baby Boomers). This has propelled companies to fine-tune their sales strategies that adapt to this generation and win them over.

Below are 8 ways to sell to a millennial decision-maker:

#1 Research Extensively

It is crucial for salespeople to know their buyer, especially in the scenario where they are selling to millennials. There is a plethora of data and information available online that can be used for reference. One can easily develop a tailored sales pitch by analyzing the buying trends, preferences and other characteristics of the target consumers.

It’ important to tap into the millennial mindset and personalize your conversation to their business. You not only need to capture their interest but portray yourself as an expert while presenting a solution to solve their pain points.

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#2 Be Authentic

Today’s consumers have more choices than any other as the market is flooded with enormous options and every company wants to create a noise to distinguish itself from competitors. However, it takes a lot of effort to convince millennials as they make only thoughtful choices by carefully reading, studying and watching every information that floats in the market. They expect a lot and can challenge the ideas and solutions put across them.

Therefore, it’s imperative for companies to ensure that their product or service has substance and authenticity that could be appreciated by the millennials. Your need to respect their intelligence and spirit and inspire them to buy your product.

#3 Access them Anytime

The connectivity and availability of this generation is simply unbeatable. It is easier to reach them and most of them don’t mind operating after their work-hours. But, a salesperson shouldn’t take advantage of this and must not bother them much during their after-hours. Try having a quick discussion and follow-up in detail the very next day.

#4 Make your Point and Be Quiet

Millennials are born busy and want the information fast. Quickly make your point, while presenting the sales pitch, that can be absorbed in seconds as they are multitaskers and don’t have much time. They don’t want a long-winded value proposition or a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation. They want you to get to the point. Tell them why your product or service is worth their time and let them make the decision in their own time.

You should also know when to stop talking when pitching a product to them. There is no point trying to persuade them much as there is a very high probability that they have researched about the reviews of your product in advance and have a decent knowledge about its performance, so don’t oversell.

#5 Stick to the Facts

As I mentioned above that millennials won’t entertain you for long, so it’s crucial that you perfect your pitch. Be real and stop faking things. Millennials are very skeptical and tech-savvy and can fact-check every claim quickly. They can easily verify what they have been told using multiple sources. So, remain consistent with every statement that you make regarding your product.

#6 Entertain them by Adding a Fun Element

According to a survey commissioned by Comedy Central, comedy provides Millennials a sense of self, more so than sports and music. Given their busy schedule, they need humor in their lives and a reason to laugh. Facilitate them with funny and enjoyable product videos and other amusing informational visuals.

#7 Have a Social Media Presence

Millennials are addicted to technology and are very comfortable in learning new tools. Social media has completely transformed the way they share information and empowered them to make informed decisions. Tablets and smartphones have enabled them to stay connected to the world 24*7. They can easily form an opinion about a product with the help of these online platforms and can easily communicate their thoughts moulding the decision of others.

So, including social selling as a part of your sales strategy is of utmost importance. Have a social media presence and update it frequently. Take care of any negative comment about your product on social media as it can hamper your brand image to a considerable degree.

#8 Text Them

The percentage of millennials reading newspapers and watching TV is really low as compared to Gen X people. They are tech-savvy and rely heavily on their phones to read latest news or to extract any information for that matter. Average millennial checks their phone 43 times per day and they will respond faster to your text message if not free to take your call.

Do you sharpen and intensify your sales strategy when it comes to selling to millennials?


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