How to Re-Engage your Cold Leads Impeccably [Infographic]

 How to Re-Engage your Cold Leads Impeccably?

An old saying ‘time is money’, comprehensively defines a salesman’s career. Regardless of the aforementioned fact, companies end up spending a lot of time and money to acquire sales leads, that eventually turn cold.

Almost every sales rep has faced the situation where they initially experienced a great conversation with a prospect but thereafter, the prospects turn them down.

It becomes an absolute agitating situation for a sales rep to determine what exactly went wrong. Have you also ever thought what made your prospects turn their back? There can be a number of reasons, maybe your had a problem in lead management, maybe you lacked a lead traking software but one colossal reason that can be attributed is that the rep did not follow up accordingly. It takes an average of 6-8 calls before a client feels comfortable giving business to any company.

The infographic below by HouseHunt will serve as an aid to every sales rep to understand what measures they can take when sales leads go cold.

 How to Re-Engage your Cold Leads Impeccably?

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