How to Improve Productivity with Sales Gamification


Do you often see a dark cloud hovering over your sales plan?
What measures do you take to ensure the successful implementation of your sales plan?

You as a sales manager must be wondering why does your sales team keeps on falling behind their set targets. Setting goals is an easy task but taking the path towards achievement is much more painful. Managers keep on conducting weekly review meetings but what results do you exactly achieve out of these is of utmost importance. In order to ensure that your team is performing at its best, you need to include certain parameters to your planning process.

Sales gamification can be one such parameter that can help you re-strategize your sales methodologies. Gamification adds an element of success and provides the sales team with the path to convert their dreams into reality.

Sales gamification changes the way in which organization engage their employees and improves the working aura making it more productive. Gamifying the sales process can help individuals in changing behaviours and developing some problem solving skills. Also, the kind of relationship that sales team build with your clientele creates the foundation of your organization. Thus, gamification is a proven process for motivating and improving the efficiency of sales teams.

Here are few of the best ways in which managers can improve the the productivity of their team with sales gamification:

Reward extensively: Introducing rewarding as a part of your sales gamification plan can help your team in striving towards excellence. According to TalentLMS “62% of employees stated that they would be motivated to learn if leaderboards were involved and they had the opportunity to compete with other colleagues.” Hence, organizations can hold weekly, monthly or quarterly sales contests and can also use leaderboard contest to kickstart the motivational exercise. As per the team structure managers can strategize their rewarding plan from the following or may be combining all or two of them:

  1. Daily – For letting your team to get immediate results on short term goals, you should definitely look out on this type of rewards. The reward can be small but the impact will be huge as here everybody in your team can win.
  2. Weekly – This one is more absolute as it might directly relate to your team’s targets. The award should be an engaging one so as to motivate reps to achieve planned goal till end of the week to bag the reward.
  3. Monthly – These are higher value rewards and should include tangible gifts. Any rep who outperforms all the team members must grab it. The reward will hit the bottom line of your business with great results.

Use real time data driven gamification: Studies show that “ 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using gamified platforms as a way to boost staff engagement and support business growth.”  With the rise of data driven and enhanced automation, the true potential of gamification in sales organization has been realised. With real time data driven gamification reps have a fair and instant chance to get recognized. Managers and sales heads can get instant update or notifications  every time when an activity is completed by the sales rep. Thus, the sales reps are motivated towards giving their best performance for earning the recognition badge.

Provide equal importance to each metrics:  Sales reps in the urge to achieve more forget the importance of the other activities that keep the balance of their performance and productivity level. With the constant endeavour of proving themselves as a performer, reps are more keen on conversions. They should also remember that the initial phase holds an equal importance when compared with the closure phase. The initials phase determines the kind of relationship that the prospect will have with your brand. Your goal should not only be limited to closures, but should be open towards nurturing future customers. Thus, providing equal importance to each metrics can help your sales team in creating goodwill among your audience and future brand advocates.

Promote team games: Some sales reps love to enjoy themselves during the work time which motivates them even more than money. To promote amazing team work, you can try a game much similar to fantasy cricket. Here your sales rep can form teams and based on their daily performance the reps can get their scores. Here these reps just not motivate themselves to achieve their daily goals but also boost their team members to crack the same. This will create a competitive environment and all the reps will be full of enthu to overpass other teams and win the game. Try it now and you will see the charts rising.

Create a flexible game plan: Having a flexible sales gamification plan can help your team in developing unique and competitive ideas that can be beneficial in improving the team strategy. The key aim of sales gamification should be to increase the participation by each individual and not to create a fuss by using the same gamification plan again and again. Thus, modifying the game plan by taking regular feedbacks from reps and doing research around gamification strategies of competition can help in enhancing the experience of each individual.


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