How to Get your Sales Prospects to Jump Ship!

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It is a well known fact that all salespeople face competition. The quote by the great Mr. Charles Darwin, “survival of the fittest”, is appropriate for anybody facing competition, and what matters the most is how you come out being the fittest.

For salespeople, the test lies in generating more sales through existing customers and adding more customers in the panel. It becomes all the more difficult when you have a high profile competitor to deal with. Imagine being in a situation where you are talking to prospective customer and midway through the conversation, BAM, the prospect says,  “Thank you for your offer, but we are already working with XYZ who provide us the same solution”. What do you do next? You walk out or do you still persist. Being shrewd with your strategies for acquiring more customers keeps you slightly ahead.

Here are a few Sales Tips that can be used to make your Prospects jump ship:   

#1. Testimonials! Testimonials! Testimonials! – In order to make a sales prospect switch, you must have a stern focus on testimonials. Testimonials are very powerful tools that could be used to let the prospects know your value. Try to get your existing set of customers write some positive reviews about your organization and its solutions. At the same time, try looking for such customers who left you for your competitors at a lower price and came back to you as their experience with them was less than satisfying. These sorts of testimonials add more impetus to your drive towards having more clients who are already rendering a solution that is not yours.

#2. Always be on Top of your Prospect’s Mind –  An affirming way to have your prospect in your customer panel is by using top of mind strategy. Sending regular articles, e-books, case studies, etc., would keep you in the radar of the prospects. The idea should be to be on top of their minds by providing them with valuable information and at the same time let them be focused on your products / service. Sometimes there might be a case where the client is expecting such information from their existing service or product provider but end up not receiving them. As a client puller you must make good use of this opportunity and try to be the ‘messiah’. This makes the prospect feel wanted and at the same time, think deep about shifting towards your offer.  Top of mind strategy is used by many renowned organizations and it is often considered as a winning strategy, so why not use it when you want to dictate terms.

#3. Become a Trove of Information – Being valuable to your prospects by giving them timely updates and becoming a source of valuable resource is another method that would help you in making your prospect shift. Simultaneously, it is important to have a habit to follow up with the prospects on a timely basis. Having a reminder system that lets you know the tasks in hand and to be completed keeps you on your toes with respect to timely follow ups. It is also recommended that you try and learn about the challenges they face even if it doesn’t concern your offering. By doing so they feel more motivated with your product and you can use this as an opportunity to let them know the relevance of your solution for them.

#4. Capitalize on the Fear of Missing Out – Another way of having your prospect jump the ship is by showcasing them the benefits associated with rendering your product or services. Let them know what they are missing out on by not engaging in your offerings and accepting some other solution. While on call you can also ask them questions related to their worries and what the competition is offering them right now and at the same point in time explain them how your offering would solve the problem at a relatively better price. It can be a good practice to survey your own customers to know why they chose you over your competitor. The idea of conducting such a research is to know how you can differentiate yourself from your competitor and to ensure that this is the difference that your customer actually wants. Ironically, a lot of companies go about innovating and solving problems customers don’t need to solve, which is a wrong practice.

#5. Strive for good customer service – This is the most effective approach in trying to make the prospect jump the ship. Customer service is so valuable as most people would be willing to pay extra for it. Treating your existing customers well, dealing with their enquiries and complaints efficiently, and making their experience an enjoyable one, is an excellent strategy for customer retention. However, it can also be surprisingly effective in attracting your competitor’s customers. Go the extra mile to make your customers feel special, and they’ll tell their friends, their family and their social media group. Word will get around that you treat customers well. Even if you do have a superior product in practically every sense, understand that it may take a while for your message to settle with your target market. Do not get discouraged if you are not on even terms with the incumbent straight away. Offering the best customer service means that your existing customers will talk about their experiences, tempting their friends and family to give your business a try. When a new customer does walk through your door for the first time, make it an easy and enjoyable experience for them

#6. Leverage Social Media – Using social media eloquently could play rich dividends in having your prospect switch to your product. It can start with the Linkedin profile of your competitor to know who they are connected with and their customer base. It may also help you in having a lead towards other industry which may be of much relevance to you. You can also use their facebook page to your advantage. It would give you some vital information such as, who liked their posts, who commented on it, who shared it etc. You can then try to connect with these people who could turn out to be your customer base in future. The same procedure can be used with Twitter as well. If this becomes successful, you can use the same strategy highlighted in point number 4.

As said earlier, salespeople are always surrounded by competition. In order to be successful in getting the competitor’s customer to buy from you, one has to use the above written strategies wisely and at the same time make sure that these customers add value to your deliverables.  When both of it happens it is a win-win situation for your organization.

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