How to Email Smartly, Detect Interest, and Close Instantly?

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Without a doubt, email is an excellent sales tool for Inside sales team, but if not managed properly it can take up a lot of sales reps’ time. As per McKinsey, on an average a sales rep spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing emails. Imagine the amount of productivity a sales rep would have if this time is channelised more effectively, and how sales reps can optimize their business communication via emails if they are able to track the status of emails sent out to prospects and clients. Sales acceleration technology plays a pivotal role here by offering a pragmatic approach to make sales processes more productive. Inside Sales Box, an all-in-one inside sales software empowers sales reps with one-stop email solution to manage their daily sales communication preeminently.

With Inside Sales Box, sales reps can streamline the daily email communication in a coherent manner adding value to their overall performance. The key attributes are listed below:

Email over Inside Sales Software only

Sales reps can save ample time if they are freed from the hassles of navigating between sales CRM and email platform every time they need to send an email to a prospect/client. Inside Sales Box offers one-click functionality for sending emails directly without going back to any email platform. Sales reps are registered in Inside Sales Box with their official email ID and can send emails without inconvenience saving their valuable time.

Choose and Send Personalised Emails from Library

Standardized email templates can help in both, saving time and maintaining the quality of messages being sent to clients. Sales cadence can be effectively supported by pre-defined email templates. This is perfectly implemented by Inside Sales Box, wherein sales managers and reps can design email templates with dynamic fields in the text. Also, the responsiveness of clients to various template messages can be analyzed and reinforced for replicating success in the future course of business.

Detect Prospect Interest Signals

We are all aware of the fact that quicker the response to a lead, higher the chances of conversion. Inside Sales Box’s email notification feature empowers sales reps by providing a real-time update whenever a prospect opens the mail, thus facilitating the best time to give a call to a particular prospect. In today’s highly competitive market, response time is the key to make or break the deal.

Instant Call upon Spotting Interest

Inside Sales Box’s click to call option helps to build upon real-time notifications about emails. The moment a pop-up about email being read by prospect flashes on sales rep’s screen, s/he can simply click on prospect’s contact number to connect the call. The probability of getting connected  is higher when the prospect is already indulged in your offer even before picking the call. Therefore, increasing the odds of conversion.

TexoCC Email Templates

Before hitting that send button on your email, focus on being productive instead of just being busy.



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