How to Create a Sense of Urgency with Sales Prospects


One of the most frustrating things for a salesperson is to wait for a prospect to show up and actually buy your product/service. This usually takes a long time and salespersons are actually left to wonder what they could have done better to get a quick response from the prospects. Most of the times this happens because either the client is too busy with their own work or going about finding a better option for themselves. When things creep up, we actually look at finding some miraculous technique that would help us in such a scenario. So, whenever you feel that the prospects are too busy try following the below mentioned tips as these would help you to know how to create urgency in sales:


1) Recognize a need: Creating a need in the minds of the prospect is a very important step in creating a sense of urgency in sales. The salesperson should actually work towards making the client feel that they need your product. So, it is advised to let them see the bigger picture by asking discovery questions, making them feel wanted, and showing how your product can solve their problem.  By following such a method a sudden need-arousal happens within the prospect and as a salesperson you end up being successful in creating urgency in sales process.

2) Have good questioning skills: A salesperson should always work towards sharpening the questioning skills. A lot might depend upon what you ask, and your answer for their questions. Follow the below written tips to better your skills of asking a questioning :

  • Do a background study of the organization and try to find out what their priorities are
  • Be reasonable while questioning
  • Summarise their priorities and align your products towards being a solution

Few of the questions that could be asked are;

  • Do you have better options available?
  • How would this help you?
  • How much are you planning to invest?

3) Be a problem solver: For this to happen, you should be a good listener. Let the client speak his mind out, and you try to understand where the problem lies. Once done, articulate clearly on how your product can solve their worries. Listening to the client would lead to a more favourable and meaningful conversation.

4) Showcase the benefits: A major step in creating a sense of urgency in sales is to explain the benefits associated with buying your product/service. A lot many times, the sales team commits the mistake of trying to sell the features and ending up being on the wrong side of things. As taught in the classrooms, it is important to let the client know the benefits rather than the features. When was the last time you bought a product or rendered a service simply based on its features and not on the basis of how it can help you? Salesperson should always keep this in mind while pitching to a client.

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5) Know the prospect’s priorities: In order to create urgency in a sales process, it is very important to know the priorities of the prospects. Once done, try to link the product you are going to offer with the priorities because, irrespective of what you do, if the offering doesn’t help the prospect to find solutions to accomplish the priorities, there is no chance that they may buy from you. There are high chances that the product may not have any connection with their priorities, but it is the job of a salesperson to make it that way. And for this to happen, it is of utmost importance to understand the priorities as early as possible.

6) Top of mind strategy: Sending regular articles, e-books, case studies, etc., would keep you in the radar of the prospects. The idea should be to be on top of their minds by providing them with valuable information and be focused on your product/service. Top of mind strategy is used by many renowned organizations and it is often considered as a winning strategy, so why not use it when you want to dictate terms.

7) Power of owning it now:  While pitching for a product or a service, salespeople should try to create excitement in the minds of the prospect. The way for it could be by going the other way around and showing them the negative implications of not buying it now. It could be achieved by letting them know the:

  • Added cost of the delay
  • Scarcity
  • Limited access to your products
  • Competitors are breathing down your neck 

8) Make an offer: Depending upon the time of the year and your sales position, it may not be a bad idea to make an offer and create urgency in sales. For example, if your product is a sports gear, you can bring in good offer during a world tournament by giving attractive offers like buy 1 get 1 free.

As a salesperson, when things are not going according to the plan it may not be a bad idea to play with the minds of the prospect. One must also be wary of the fact that you actually be the ‘messiah’ they are looking for. A lot many times clients indulge in buying slowly, and if the product offered or service rendered is of much value for them, you can create a sense of urgency in them by following few of the above written tips. This way you help yourselves as well as the client.


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