How to Close more Deals on Phone


Technological advances have transformed the business culture completely. It has enabled companies to stay close to the customers through various mediums. The traditional way of marketing is going out of fashion where the customers walked up to the sellers to buy a product, rather the companies these days themselves reach their customers. One of the efforts made in this direction is that they have deployed the inside sales team along with the field sales in order to reach more customers in less time. This way it is easy to remind the customers about their existence, or sell them directly. In fact few companies today depend entirely on this method for doing their business.

Outside sales is losing importance because it incurs high cost to the company and a rep can take care of only one customer at a time whereas by using certain technologies, inside sales reps can deal with hundred of clients in a day. For more, Read 5 Reasons why Inside Sales will Replace Outside Sales by 2020

However, Inside sales is not as easy as it sounds. An inside sales rep need to learn and harness the necessary skills required to sustain in this mode of selling which is largely done using telephone.

Here are the tips a caller can use in order to close more deals on phone:

1) Have a Daily Calling Strategy 

Frame a schedule of the number of calls you are going to make everyday. Setting a goal makes you enthusiastic. Make sure you call the qualified leads only. For eg- calling a student for credit card is a waste. Using CRM solutions can prove to be beneficial when looking for the details of the prospects.

 2) Help your Customers Visualize

It is easier to sell face-to-face as the client can understand the product better.Inside sales make it difficult for a sales rep to demonstrate the features and functions of the product to the prospect.

Send them brochures and related links of the website pages which have product’s video prior to the call so that the prospect can view it while talking on the phone.

 3) Be Patient:

A caller comes across people with different temperaments every day. Most of the people give annoying responses; they become rude and slam the phone. This upsets the reps and they also tend to lose patience sometimes. The agents should always remember that the customers are their prime sources of income. They might not need your product today but they may become your potential client for the future. If they have a bad experience with you, they will avoid purchasing anything from you.

4) Listen

As the client speaks, listen carefully about their needs and pain points. This will enable you to offer a customizable solution that fulfills requirements. If they speak more about their high power budget, it’s an indication that price is not an obstacle for them. Therefore, stick to the features and benefits when pitching your product.

5) Be more Customer Oriented than Product Oriented

Be customer friendly rather than sales friendly. A caller can crack maximum deals by using this mantra. When you make a customer feel that you are more interested in their benefit, a fine slender line of trust will be built and this won’t let customer go anywhere else. Solve their queries even if they make repetitive statements, do not throw back yourself from answering them. Be humble, be kind –  this wins over everyone’s hearts.

6) Use Auto Dialers

A dialer’s main purpose is to increase the efficiency of the sales rep. Manual dialing goes limited with the calls whereas the sales dialers can make hundreds in the same time taken. It saves time and energy both by omitting the calls which are either unreachable or unanswered. Dialers help Inside Sales to increase and diversify their sales efforts. Being one of the most responsive and flexible tools, it helps the inside sales reps reach more prospective clients resulting in more sales. It’s simple- the more calls you make, the more leads you generate, the more sales you can expect.

7) Keep the Eyes on Closure

By the end of the phone call, you are ready to close the deal. You can do this directly by saying something like, “So, Mr. Peter, are you ready to set up your order now?”. Then observe a moment of silence. It creates unique impact on the customer and it helps them to recall the whole conversation. At the same time it even compels the client to speak. At this point, their answer should be a yes. If not, move to your next call.

Cracking a deal on phone is definitely difficult but by possessing the right qualities and adapting the correct form of technologies will help you achieve it all.


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