How to Breathe Life into Zombie Sales Prospects

Zombie Sales Prospects

For a number of us, zombies are a treat to watch in movies. They entertain with their rather uncanny manner of walking and tattered clothes. However, take some time out to ask sales reps, how it feels when a Sales prospects shows genuine interest in a conversation and then wanders off into wilderness.

They would surely express their misery to you about trying to keep a business relationship going, knowing very well that their efforts might go wasted. Unless you speak ‘groan’, it is pretty hard to have a conversation with a zombie. Likewise, perhaps the biggest challenge lies in communicating facts and examples to sceptical prospects who shows interest but later goes astray.  

We have racked our brains and come up with some tips, that could go a long way to help sales reps breathe life into a zombie sales  prospects:

1) Don’t Mention About Your Product for The First 10 -15 Minutes

According to urban legends, zombies are dead people who are able to move because of some supernatural force, and are incapable to grasp worldly meanings. A zombie sales prospects is no different. Irrespective of what you say and how you say it, nothing gets registered in their mind. Therefore, it is very important for a sales rep to be mindful of the fact that they are least interested in your products. When you look to make a serious discussion about your service or product, make sure that you do not speak about your product for some time. Instead, let them speak their mind. It is a positive approach to just listen to the prospect. Try to understand their problems and why they have chosen to part ways with your offering. This would create an impression in the minds of the prospect that you are there to understand the problem and could well be the solution provider.

2) Nudge their Grey Matter

One of the great traits we human beings have is, to know if a person is actually trying to help you out, or is just here for their vested interests. The same applies for a sales rep also. If you have a zombie prospect, you must become more cautious in your approach. It is mandatory for them to feel that you are a helper rather than a seller. Whether you have a face-to-face interaction, or a video chat, or on a phone call, you should not worry about the money you can make. On the contrary, focus on your prospects and helping them should be your number one priority. If this leads to recommending your products, it is a great sign. If that’s not the case, then let it be. Try to earn their trust as it would keep you in great shape for the future. What’s important is that you care and be honest, regardless of how it affects your bottom line.

3) Draw Attention with Videos & Pictorials

The average attention span of people have reduced to a mere 8.25 seconds in 2015 and you can be rest assured that zombie prospects have even lesser attention span. Therefore, videos and pictorials are great tools to engage with zombies, rather than just yapping away. You should consider uploading screencasts, whiteboard videos or other video content you deem fit. It would keep them interested and could also make them come back to you for more information. With zombies, it is very important to grab their attention and uploading a video might prove to be the catalyst for your desired result.

4) Replace the ‘L’ with an ‘F’ in SALE

With zombie prospects, it is very important to make them feel safe. In other words, take responsibility for what happens after the sale. If any sort of issues come up, you must the first one to solve the worry. Create an environment where the prospect feels very confident about you and your offering. Be involved till the time the prospect is completely satisfied. This may also lead to creating a very healthy relationship with the client.

5) Revive them with Money Back Guarantee

One of the major differences between an ethical marketer and the one just trying to take your money is that, an ethical marketer can warranty satisfaction. A similar approach must be used with zombie prospects. It is a widely acknowledged fact that customers are the real kings who need guaranteed satisfaction and sales reps should go heaps and bounds to get the desired results for customers. Smart marketers know that they are trying to sell results, and do not deserve to be paid if the buyer is not satisfied. Hence, using the ‘money back’ phrase and abiding by it could take you a step closer to landing a deal.

6) Use Referrals as Bait  

As said earlier, with zombie prospects, it is important to gain their attention. In order to do so, adding the name of the referrer can work wonders. It gives your message that particular attention it needs to get the word going. If you have been referred by a superior, then it becomes all the more important to add their name, as they are always the crowd catchers.

It is very important to be on your toes and expect the worst while interacting with zombie sales prospects. It is never an easy task to show someone some logic, that they are not at all interested about. It is all the more gruesome task to bring them out of hypocrisy they are consumed with. In other words, it is like bringing a dead man back to life. Hence, it is very important to use the right strategies with zombie Sales prospects to gain their attention.

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