How to Boost your Sales Development Skills in 2017

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Well,Well, Well, A very happy new year to the global Inside Sales Family and all the readers. I hope you all had a gala time this winter holidays.This being my very first post of 2017 makes me feel very excited. I know all of you would have different goals for this year, both personal and professional. But one thing that truly unites us in this is we all want ourselves to be better than what we were in 2016. For e.g I want to be a better marketer, my account executive wants to close bigger deals this year. Essentially we all are trying to learn from our actions in 2016 for a better 2017.

Now talking about Sales specifically , if I reflect on the past year I believe a lot of focus was on how Sales Reps could do better using social selling techniques, following an account based approach, marketing and sales alignment,going beyond cold calling and of-course how to send that short- sweet personalized email to get that meeting. I mean the whole year was just full of tips, tricks and even new processes for sales people.

It was definitely a roller coaster with a lot of focus on sales development and how to do things differently. Looking back I realise that every technique or skill boiled down to Sales engagement and effective two way communication. Mastering these techniques , building or re-engineering sales processes, every aspect  was linked to better and consistent engagement. Of course the end goal was increasing that MRR number or more revenue for the company. But where does that all begin or more specifically what enables sales to achieve that big MRR was effective engagement.  Getting that engagement early on means having good consultative selling skills, an ideal sales technology stack to get that consistency, coming out as trustworthy to your prospects and finally your authority / awareness in the industry( your personal brand or your company’s brand or a mix of even both- which means proactive social media presence ).

Do you see what is happening here? The boundary diminishing between your Sales and Marketing.

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Yes, Sales folks marketing is no longer a function that you have to wait upon, you have to imbibe the qualities of a marketer going forward. Working in Sales Silos is a thing of the past.


With a new year on us I believe it’s time for Sales Development Reps to realize this. As a client facing function you know what messaging is working for you, you know what buyer personas are the one’s that are resonating better with your product. If you are a Sales Rep you know what I am talking about. Just imagine the value you are going to bring to the table with the qualities of a marketer and a seller instinct.


Recently I was having a chat with our account executive, who hits his numbers every month. This guy isn’t socially active (Linkedin/twitter) or doesn’t even have that personal brand going for him, but he still cranking up the numbers based on his consultative skills. Now imagine if he had his social game on point where would have he been. But I am glad his 2017 goals are on point and he is already putting in that effort for building his social presence.

So tell me what are your goals?

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