How to Align Marketing with Inside Sales in 2017

5_Inside_Sales_Strategy_Team-1.pngEverytime I see my inside sales team on their phones, it excites me. I am more than anxious to listen to how he/she is going to pitch and if the call is going to be a success. So I eavesdrop on their conversations. But I have to say it’s challenging, convincing the person on the other end of the phone to come to that decision to buy from you. Its not an easy job and takes a lot of effort , but at times I am also disappointed when someone jumps the gun and blasts all that sales talk and it’s all about me, me & my product. It makes me sad. Why would you do that? Why?

Today it’s no more inside out. If you have to gain the trust of your prospect the communication needs to be all about what value you are going to provide and if you come out as a consutlant to the prospect.  And for that your strategy should be outside-in prioritizing the customer first. It applies to every communication you make with the prospect whether it be Emails, Calls or Social Media. Not only an outside-in approach but the language , way of communicating especially when you are targeting different geographies, like we do. We analysed that every geography is different so is the way of selling and the amount of confidence prospects place on finalizing deals over calls.

Now some pointers on how marketing will help you boost your Outbound and Inbound Sales Development.

Outside-in Brand Messaging  (Outbound Process):  

The first pointer is – Change your messaging from “inside-out” to “outside-in” and training your inside sales team to keep it uniform in every communication. Messaging should resonate across all forms of your marketing and inside sales efforts.

Your Marketing team can help you

  • Building a repository of qualified accounts for your product /service for each targeted geography
  • Help you create targeted Email messaging for your Inside Sales reps based on 
    • Geography – Language based on the region
    • Vertical – Identify challenges faced by each vertical
    • Decision Maker – Identify problems each decision maker is solving for their business function
  • Run Targeted Campaigns across these based on your priority / business needs.
  • Invest in your Inside Sales team training so that “outside-in” messaging resonates on their calls

Mix your Lead Inflow with MOFU leads (Inbound Process)

Don’t have your inside sales team follow-up on just your demo leads but try to mix it up with leads/contacts that have downloaded a piece of content on your website. Prospects that have downloaded any piece of content on your website have the right trigger to be followed-up by your sales reps. Remember the key here is helping and guiding your prospect and to see if the content added some value and if there is any other information that you can provide. (Tip :Adding an account qualification process prior to follow-ups can help if the number of Content downloads is very high). We followed this approach and have seen 2-3% conversions on our Content Download leads in a time frame of 2-3 months. It’s not huge but it turned out better than email nurturing.

Let me know what new you guys are doing in inside sales. Please comment below and let me know what you think about these suggestions. I would be happy to have your feedback.

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