How to Achieve Greater Sales Rep Effectiveness [Infographic]

How to Achieve Greater Sales Rep Effectiveness

We all have heard the term work-life balance. How many of us do actually embrace it? Not many I’d say. Another major missing aspect is, the lack of the ability in most of us, including your sales team to keep up with evolving nature of mobile and web technologies and get in ‘more business’.

Privacy has been and will continue to remain a primary concern for most of your buyers. But with the growing advent of mobile technologies, the thin line of demarcation between your sales reps personal lives and how much should they peep in your customer’s is blurring by the hour.

Your customers feel the connection and they have a query, but it’s 2 am, they might not call you up, but hey, they can always drop a text. But if you have a great offer on the table for them, I’d suggest that you stay away from this routine or practise.

Here’s a detailed analysis of how can you get more from your sales reps, by motivating them to take charge and understand their buyer’s persona.

Your sales reps can get in ‘more business’ and up your profit window by 20% every quarter, if they start practising some sales basics and get it right.

To leverage more of these insights, scroll down and have a look at this infographic by ZS Associates.


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Till then, Happy Selling!

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