How Email Template Optimization Will Help In Greater Conversion


Emails are a pivotal part of sales development process and can actually make or break the deal. If done the right way, it can fetch you most of the qualified appointments. There are various inside sales tools offering email automation functionality, but the question is how far can such tools improve the sales development process, adds to SDR’s efficiency in addition to just cutting down the manual efforts on SDR’s part.

Inside Sales Box has implemented the concept of default templates in a way that SDRs can add the personal touch to each mail they send out to their prospect to make it a personalized experience for them, because as it is popularly said, “there is always a human on the other end.”

Let’s have look at what Inside Sales Box has to offer to make Prospecting interesting for SDRs:

Personalization is the Key

Sending out generic mass emails will not get you on the right path towards your correct buyer persona, what is required is personalizing emails to ensure that the prospect consider it as written for her only. Research shows personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. No surprises here that personalization is the key to connect with your prospects and cannot be replaced by mere automation.

Templates built on the basic principle of personalization not only help to enhance the rep’s efficiency but will enable them to implement personalization at scale. Inside Sales Box helps SDRs to practice the personalized approach through templates with various custom fields like prospect’s name, their company name, etc. and since it does not support mass emailing functionality, SDRs have an option to add further details to the email depending upon their research about every prospect before hitting the Send button.

Template Optimization Over Time

When it comes to figuring out what is essential for a template to work, the first thing that comes to mind is A/B testing as it arms you with the data to differentiate between what works for a good template and what not. But think about the scenario where you can track your template performance over a period of time for every change- different keywords or phrases, images or links, that you incorporate in your initial template.

With every iteration in the template you can test and track the template performance. The insights drawn from the data over a specific period will enable you to decide what is resonating well with your prospects, which can then be build upon and shared among the team for more targeted campaigns. By offering this functionality, Inside Sales Box aims to refine your messaging for the right prospects. You can modify it as per the response received from the prospects.

Analysis of Template Metrics

Email templates can be tracked for various metrics that will reflect the performance over various iterations done on that particular template. Inside Sales Box enables SDRs to track Open Rate, Click Rate and Reply Rate for each version of template over a period of time. Hence, template analytics provide the SDRs with an insight about their messaging and approach over a period of time, which they can implement to modify and update the latest templates to drive more conversions throughout the campaign.

For example you sent out an introductory mail about your product without any graphics/image and didn’t get the response you expected. So in next iteration you added an image with embedded link to a landing page and saw an impressive hike in Click Rate for second version of template. Moving ahead you can try and add a short video to see how it affects Click Rate, or you can experiment with the subject line to analyse the trend for Open Rate.

Not Just Email Templates

Inside Sales Box takes the concept of templates one step ahead by providing the functionality to create templates for Linkedin Inmail, LinkedIn Invite and Voicemails along with the email templates. Now SDRs can select a personalized template for LinkedIn inmail and invite as well and automatic voicemail drop option saves the SDR’s time and effort that goes in recording the voicemail manually every time a call goes on a voicemail.

Inside Sales Box has a dedicated section for managing all the templates called Documents – wherein uses can maintain a repository for their various templates ranging from inbound to outbound campaigns. Also, templates can be categorized as Public– accessible by all the users, or Private – user specific templates.


At Inside Sales Box, we aim to enhance the SDR’s productivity and enabling them to adopt a better sales approach for more conversions. Do let us know your thoughts on the concept of personalized templates for improved rep performance.

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