How Data-Driven Sales Gamification can Boost your Dream Run


Retaining top talent is one of the major issue being faced by sales organizations these days. The reason behind this can probably be the increasing workload and lack of motivation in the team. Having fun factor at work is very necessary in order to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of current employees. Sales organizations that have build in the culture of winning are the one who have continually seen success.

Organizations have been taking lot of steps in revitalizing the engagement level of each individual but have not yet been successful in understanding the constant reason behind the failure. There can be many reasons for increased attrition rate, out of which the most common are:
> Poor goal alignment
> Low confidence in the offering
> Lack of motivation
> Poor work culture
> Imprecise recognition programme

Having a full fledged business strategy that is based around the core competencies and potential of different people in the team can surely be a donut for the organization. It is said that “20% of sales reps bring in 80% of sales” and these reps are the top performers or the leaders whom your organization cannot afford to lose. Gamification is one of the best business strategy that ensures par excellence at each level and at the same time increases the employee’s satisfaction rate. It is the best methodology to take care of employees, nurture growth, recognize contribution and build cohesion in the team.

Organizations these days are relying more on gamification strategies that is supported by data. When we talk about data driven sales gamification, one must be aware of the fact that it is not only about winning the game by making more number of calls; rather it is all about motivating people and using the data to increase enthusiasm in the team.

Let’s see how data driven gamification can be utilized for assuring success accelerated by team’s motivation:

Quota based gamification plan: When sales reps are rewarded extensively based on their target achievements, they thrive towards improved performance. Including rewarding and appreciation plans as a part of your gamification process can help you create an environment of winners. What sales managers can do is to track the performance of each individual, i.e., the number of conversions. Also, with the help of a smart sales software, reps can analyze the chart and graphs to seek opportunities from leads having more chances of conversion.

Access to performance data: Transparency in an organization is necessary to maintain efficacy at all levels. It becomes burden for team members to work in an environment that doesn’t support visibility into other functions. When sales reps are aware of the fact that they have other top performers in the particular quota, they get the motivation of striving more towards over achieving their targets and proving their sales mettle. Thus, access to performance data can help reps to overcome sales hurdles in their sales career.

Motivation through Leaderboards: According to TalentLMS “62% of employees stated that they would be motivated to learn if leaderboards were involved and they had the opportunity to compete with other colleagues.” Organizations should hold sales contests by using leaderboards and kickstart the motivational exercise. Start rewarding sales rep with small gifts and try to cover as many members of your team for a long lasting motivation. All of a sudden you will see some positive energy flowing in and hence a huge impact on your sales chart. Follow the small gifts with higher value rewards which should be given away quaterly. This will boost the sales reps to constantly achieve targets and be motivated throughout the quarter.

Gamification help organizations to be more fun oriented, interesting, profitable and at the same time reduces the employee churn rate. Employees will start loving their workplace and hence will be motivated to give their best shots. Such environment will witness amazing teamwork, benevolent competition and mutual recognition. Employees who enjoy their work are more likely to produce impressive results.

Sales operations are complex as there is huge amount of data which has to be collected and scrutinized. The same process helps the leaders and managers to decide team’s goals and strategize plans to produce amazing results.

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