How B2B Social Media has made an Impact on Inside Sales? [Infographic]

How B2B Social Media has made an Impact On Inside Sales

Social media is the new pilgrimage for millennials, logging into it frequently has become a routine ritual. According to a research study in May 2015, almost 90% of the U.S digital media population visited social networks, which accounted for more than 300 billion minuates of user’s attention.

Companies these days are also operating smarter by engaging their sales reps into B2B social media, so they can hunt for the prospects proficiently and generate bountiful leads. On average, marketers spend between four and six hours on it each week.

But opting for right medium only can help them generate leads. What do you think are the best social sites your company can adapt to captivate the prospects’ attention? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have successfully allured the huge mob but Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and SlideShare are the niche sites which you cannot imagine to overlook. If you are quite unaware of your audience preferences than contents and blogs can come to your rescue. With B2B social media, companies can build intimate relations with the customers and they really appreciate when companies make such efforts.

The infographic by InsideView below would help you to understand how B2B social media is playing a huge role in generating leads for B2B inside sales.

B2B Social Media

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