How an Inside Sales Representative can use Quora for Lead Generation

How an Inside Sales Representative can use Quora for Lead Generation

Quora is an easy-to-navigate, question and answer platform which was launched in the year 2009. It provides its users with the opportunity to ask a vast array of questions and also attracts experts to come and share their knowledge and expertise. Being an extremely wonderful resource for networking, it has enticed a huge number of industry insiders, high-level executives and senior professionals since beginning.

According to the Huffington Post, most of the top brands are being discussed on Quora. In 2013, 84% of the top 100 brands had at least one discussion thread dedicated to them. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a brand with no Quora mentions.

It offers ample opportunities for companies to generate leads, improve brand awareness and increase business revenue. Sales and Inside Sales prospectors and business development teams can easily source sales-ready leads by wisely tapping on Quora’s immense potential. However, till date, very few companies have realized the value of this platform and hence remained underutilized for years. 

Let’s learn how an Inside Sales representative can use it as a powerful Inside Sales lead generation tool:

Create a Quora Account and Build your Profile

Sign up to get registered in Quora and complete your profile. Upload a professional photograph and ensure that you fill in the details of your company appropriately. Your bio is an excellent means for branding. It has to be both catchy and professional. Also, remember to keep it really short as Quora will show only the first 50 characters of your whole tagline above the answer you post. Make the most of those 50 characters by mentioning your company name very close to the beginning.

The language of your bio would affect how you build contacts on Quora as users see your professional tagline when you follow them.

How an Inside Sales Representative can use Quora for Lead Generation

Add Topics Relevant to your Industry

Follow the topics that are relevant to your industry which will enable you to target the right leads. Quora also allows users to create their own topic pertinent to their business. This way you can find leads that are potential fits for what you are selling. For example, if you sell an Sales acceleration tool, you might like to add topics such as Inside Sales Coaching, Inside Sales On Demand, SalesWings and so on.

How an Inside Sales Representative can use Quora for Lead Generation

Answer Questions that Relate to your Business but in a Helpful Manner

Once you have updated your profile and added the relevant topics, look for questions significant to your niche. Start answering the questions as an expert would and properly explain it based on some facts and data. This would help you to build credibility among the readers. Instead of promoting your product directly, try to establish yourself as a thought leader and answer the questions posted by users where you feel you can add value. Within those answers, where relevant, include a link to your blog or website page for the user to find more information.

For example, if someone asks “Which is the best Sales Acceleration Tool available”? As opposed to simply answering as “My product (XYZ) is the best”, try to take a more analytical approach and say “This would depend on your requirements and your current pain-points. In terms of features such as ease-of-use, scalability and flexibility etc, XYZ could be closest. However, competitors like A, B and C are good too”.

Precisely, always address the questions in a helpful way, avoid apparent self promotion and do not simply plug your products and drop links without adding any value.

Drop a Link when Appropriate

Give helpful response while responding to a query and include a link back to how you can help. Do this only if you are adding value or else you won’t last long on this platform. As long as you continually provide valuable information and helpful advice, Quora community will not mind if you include links to your company’s website in your posts.

Monitor and Engage

Apart from answering the questions related to your business, you can also start threads for areas you sell an expertise in. This could be a good way of staying engaged with people of your industry. You might also use Google Alerts for your competition’s mention on the site. So, if you want to know what your industry is talking about, Quora can prove to be effective medium.

One can also gain insights into his/her client’s industries in order to support their business better. By analyzing the type of questions your customers have, perhaps there’s an opportunity for a new product or service that you could offer to meet that need.

Message Prospects

Quora messenger allows you to easily reach out to a relevant prospect once you encounter any. Again make sure that you don’t over-promote your product and always approach the prospect with some valuable information and offer a solution that meets their needs and requirements.

How an Inside Sales Representative can use Quora for Lead Generation

Competition Analysis

Quora can be used as an investigation tool as well. Check what your competitors are up to- what new products/services they have launched, their USPs and so on. This will help you in pitching your product with a different approach that none of the competitors are using and hence would enable you to stand out.

Leverage the Robust Analytics of Quora

You can effortlessly come to know how many people viewed your answer and also see the profiles of the people who are following the question. This will help you in reaching out to them personally and engross them with targeted offers.

Quora also allows for sharing your expert answers to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to get more exposure and build brand awareness.

Reputation Management Tool

There might be conversations about your company or products happening on Quora. Doing a quick research for your brand would allow you to discover potential sales as users might be looking for a product like yours or something similar. You can also quickly clarify and settle any negative comment or concerns posted by the users about your product/service. If the customer is experiencing any specific issue, you can immediately jump in and offer a solution. If you come across a positive mention about your brand, you can express your gratitude and make them feel more valuable, thereby strengthening the relationship with them.

Do you use Quora to generate leads and build your brand? Please share your tips in the comments.

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