How an Automated Sales Email can Steal the Spotlight

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Do you agree if I say – Prospecting is the most difficult or time consuming part of the sales process?

I believe you will, and email campaigns thus stands as an essential part of your day to day prospecting activities. For an email campaign to deliver satisfactory results, it is important to categorize the type of emails you need to send out to your prospects or customers. Generally we have seen people mixing the two terms – Sales and Marketing, and this even happens with emails, so let us first begin by understanding the difference between a marketing email and a sales email.

A marketing email is dedicated to nurture prospects or customers and has a commercial purpose build around it. Mostly such emails are sent to a large group of contacts with an intent to educate and actuate them to either subscribe to some blogs, download some content or may be sign up for a demo or consultation. A sales email has a completely different angle associated to it as it has a simple goal to accelerate sales and drive revenue chart of products/services. Prospects or customers who receive such emails can directly click the links which takes them to a particular website to buy the products/services. The results derived from sales email are simple as they might generate sales or no sales.

Sales email plays a vital role in customer acquisition and revenue generation but cannot be used  to retain your customers. You must add some value to your emails to boost your customer loyalty and build brand advocates, and here the essence of marketing email comes into picture. In order to taste success you need to smartly mix your emails with fruitful content, anti-spam activities and an effective offer to create that urgent need.

Whether you choose a marketing email or a sales email, your classic email campaign should include a sweet combination of both, used at viable times. Ideally you should first start with planning your email marketing goals and then decide which emails will showcase a better fit at what stage. According to Sirius Decisions, the average sales person only makes 2 attempts to reach a prospect while it generally takes 8 attempts to convert a prospect. Now you may begin to take control of the kinds of email you wish to send out. But let me tell you that you are still missing on an important factor – Autoresponder or Automated emails.

As a sales manager what would you look for? Will you go for better leads or need feedback on your sales engagement program.

Of course the answer is better leads as long as you are not a marketing manager. To record better leads, you need to plan out in a way which makes your prospect feel connected to you without missing out on any important piece of information. So combining the aspects of auto-responders with a sales email, you can draft a set of automated sales emails which can help you convert a user into your customer. WIth the help of auto-responder sales rep can proactively schedule and optimize their lead management activities and be almost independent from marketing department. Once the scenarios can be finalized by sales reps, they can easily shorten their prospecting activities and get on to productive conversations. As soon as you send out your first communication, you can set an autoresponder to those who opened your emails with a personalized email like:

“Dear firstname,

Thank you so much <firstname> for taking out time to read my email. ……………………………”

Make sure that your automated sales email cover the following checkpoints:

  1. Address the user with first name in your subject line – As you are sending these emails to multiple users, be smart to catch hold of their attention and allow them to understand that you are personally sending the email to them.
  2. Do not overfill with offers – Be sweet and simple with a single Call to action. Do not overload your email with too many offers as this may confuse the user and your ultimate goal of automated sales email might cut loose.
  3. Include Hyperlinks instead of images – As images take time to load, thus it is advisable to use default blue hyperlinks with correct linking. These links should be clear and avoid too many fonts and bold options to provide good readability to your users.
  4. Make it more personalized – Your automated sales emails should include personalization tokens like first name, company name, job title etc. in the email body as well. This will help you to better connect with users as they will feel more close and recognizable.
  5. Avoid using spam words to land safely in user’s inbox – An automated and well directed sales email has a higher chance to land in spam if the mail or subject line contains words like sale, discount, free. Make sure to update your content with non spam keywords.

The success to automated sales email lies in the hands of the sales team or sales rep as they need to come out with timely execution plans and also support themselves by constantly analyzing the results of their previous campaigns.

I know there is so much to follow, so do add your comments to make the life of sales rep cool and cheerful.

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