Guided Selling- Strategy To Upsurge Your Sales Productivity [Infographic]


In today’s ever changing business world, sales is evolving at a very rapid rate . From traditional sales to modern sales, the journey has been remarkable and it is expected that with the increased demand for cost effective and better techniques, the salesforce will have to smartly rebuild their existing strategies for improved sales productivity.

Companies invest a lot of time and money in developing their salesforce and increasing their sales productivity. They keep on providing rigorous training sessions and various programs to inculcate quality in the workforce. But are the sales reps being trained on how to guide their prospective customers towards making an informed purchase decision? Satisfied customers are those who make an informed purchase decision and then keeps on returning back for buying new products. Thus a guided selling approach by sales reps will lead their customers either to a “yes” or “no” and will also shorten the sales process. Guided selling approach can help your sales reps in leading customers to the right decision, based on their specific needs and the factors that matter them the most.

By using Guided selling sales reps witnessed few benefits that have been listed below:

  • 59% better team attainment of annual sales quota
  • 40% higher lead conversion rate
  • 57% more reps can reach their quota.

The below infographic by Unboxed technology highlights the benefits of guided selling for more effective sales conversion:

Guided Selling

Ultimate Guide to Inside Sales

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