Go Mobile With Inside Sales Box


In today’s hyper connected world the advantage lies in staying connected with your prospects and customers on the go. staying Mobile helps you to remain accessible to your prospects beyond the walls of your office.

The Concept of first mover advantage Is no secret in the Sales World. Prospects always tend to Be more responsive to the salesperson who responds first to their query. We have all heard about the industry standard of replying to an inbound lead within first 5 mins, but this becomes quite a challenge when the Sales guy is away from his system. So overcome such issues which hamper salesperson’s productivity and efficiency inside sales box has come up with its mobile app to Give the power in the hands of a sales rep. 

So just sit back and see what all you can do with inside Sales Box mobile app:

Never Miss Out Any Prospect Activity

Time is of great essence in sales and if you are always there for addressing your prospect’s concerns then not only your customer experience will improve but your efficiency will boost as well. So, next time if you are out somewhere, do not worry whether your prospect has replied to your last follow up or what they are talking about on social media as Inside Sales Box mobile app will always keep you posted and every activity will be at your fingertips.

Call Or Email Your Prospects From Anywhere

Now you don’t have to be at your desk every time when you need to make a call or drop an urgent mail to your prospect. Just a swipe on your mobile phone will connect you to them instantly. There are issues which needs an immediate addressal and can’t be put on hold for long. Being mobile helps you to respond to all such instances and stay connected. Last minute changes call for such instant responses and can be handled well with mobile access.

Track Email Views And Clicks

Email tracking helps in planning the next step in your sales outreach process, and give insights on customer engagement. With Inside Sales Box app you can easily track your mails for views and clicks without any hassles and can take immediate step if required. This will boost sales rep’s productivity and will always keep them updated. Email tracking clubbed with mobile is an impeccable example of real time follow ups.

Listen What Your Leads Are Talking About On Social

Social media can be overwhelming, but when you know what your leads are talking about on social on the go you are obviously in a much better position to engage with them. Social helps to identify triggers that can be of immense help for forwarding the conversations. So with Inside Sales Box mobile app you can view your lead’s tweets by clicking on their Twitter handle from leads details. So keep on listening sales guys!

So, sales guys just pick up your mobile phones and get going with your sales outreach with Inside Sales Box mobile app and never miss an opportunity while you are not at your desk.

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