Get 38% Open Rate for a Sales Prospecting Cold Email Campaign

Sales Prospecting Cold Email Campaign

Have you ever done sales prospecting cold email campaigns?

Isn’t the experience mixed – nervousness, excitement and at times, even anxiety?

In this post I am going to explain – How Inside Sales Box achieved an open rate of 38% in a sales prospecting email campaign. It was a lot of effort but the response made it totally worth and gave a lot of encouragement for future email campaigns. 

Numerous prospecting campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn and Adwords hinted that – “Inside Sales is evolving quickly and its requirement is almost everywhere”. Keeping that in mind, we decided to explore an unexplored target audience and came to know about inside sales in sports.

The target was fixed but we wanted to hit bullseye 🙂 

Steps before shooting the sales prospecting email campaign –

1) Finding Emails

One of the most boring portions of this whole prospecting exercise, but it isn’t a no brainer. The repetitive use of tools, rapportive and LinkedIn will suck the juice out of you leading to an early saturation. The best way to do this is in a group and gamify it – the one with maximum emails takes home a beer crate. 

We managed about 270 emails (without a beer crate) of CEOs in the sports fraternity of the United States.

2) Email Subject 


The first step of any email campaign and the first thing your reader would notice. Let me tell you a secret to good subjects – Keep it direct, short and at times personalised.

3) Email Copy (Trickiest of all)

Get the copy wrong and the campaign can go useless.

Keeping this in mind we decided to go ahead with our tried and tested method of keeping it simple yet conversational. Apology, Introduction, Challenges and Impact are the four major components we like to cover before pitching offers.

Sales Prospecting Email Copy

4) Campaign Offers 

Finalising the right kind of offer can be tough and hence we went for BOFU (bottom of the funnel) offers to keep the sales cycle short. A total of 4 offers were put forward (all BOFU) in the email to give reader options, and a higher probability of clicks mathematically.Sales Prospecting Email Campaign Offers

Keeping three offers simple and problem oriented, the 4th offer was direct but given in a more subtle manner. As evident from click map, 4th one bagged the most clicks. 

Sales Prospecting Email - Clicks

The Outcome 

An open rate of almost 38% and a CTR of 9.6% which clearly suggests that the conversational copy worked well for us. 73% of the all the prospects who opened emails actually read it for more than 8-10 seconds. Multiple offers and a clever last offer lead to a relatively higher CTR.   

Sales Prospecting Email Outcomes

We are already planing the next campaign and this time a beer crate is already in 🙂 

Don’t forget to share your experiences and outcomes when you use our email copy in your cold email sales prospecting campaigns.

Happy Prospecting! 🙂  

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