Flashback 2015: A Look at the Top 10 Inside Sales Blog Posts

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As 2015 is coming to an end, let’s take a walk down memory lane to some of the most important progress that Inside Sales Box witnessed – including Series A funding, Forbes and Mattermark recognition and software breakthroughs.

Before we welcome 2016, let’s look back at the most popular blog posts of this year that occupied our readers with tips, strategies, advices, etc. Happy Reading!

Salespeople are prone to using words in their pitch that makes them sound deceitful.Pitching your client with words like-quota, pitch, prospect, would induce them to think that you are selfish and you are not responsible enough to care about your clients. There are several other words that can hold you back from closing your deal. Follow the post to save yourself from the embarrassment.

5 Tips for Inside Sales to Sell like a Pro

“If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.” This proverb is eminently relevant to a sales rep’s career. However, in order to beat the trumpet of success, sales reps have to follow crucial tips. The tips can help an ordinary rep to become an exceptional player in their profession.

5 Most Common Sales Objections Inside Sales Rep Should Know

Objections are opportunities and opportunities are used by sales reps to convince a qualified prospect. However, objections in sales are not so easy to conquer, it takes gigantic efforts to get them resolved. In order to overcome those, reps need to learn what kind of objections they will be coming across while carrying out the sales process.   

Tips for Overcoming the 5 Most Common Sales Objections

“A bruise is a lesson… and each lesson makes us better.” Similarly, an objection in a sales rep’s career is an exercise that makes them perfect in their operations. Overcoming the hurdles might be difficult, but once a rep knows the tactics and strategies, they can break through the dilemma circle.

7 Helpful Tips for Inside Sales Beginners

For a beginner, generating leads or dealing with a customer is undoubtedly scary. However, some strategies and tips can boost a rookie’s morale before they set themselves on the sales track. And an appropriate guiding can help them give a kick start to their career.

8 Sales Tips to Reach Decision Makers

Not being a pessimist, but it has become almost impossible nowadays, to approach a decision maker in a company. They are routinely occupied with work. Not only this, too many sales reps are often knocking at their door, which creates annoying situations and at times they tend to lose their temper.However, sales reps need to overlook the complications to serve their targets and accomplish their goals.

7 Things your Inside Sales Rep should Know about Leads Before Calling

Without any appropriate information, if a sales rep decides to call a prospect, it will be more like a shot in the dark. It is crucial for a sales rep to know the needs of the prospect and whether they hold the authority to make buying decisions in the organization. A detailed investigation of a prospect can make a sales rep reach halfway to closing a sale.

5 Reasons Why Inside Sales will Replace Outside Sales by 2020

With limited resources earlier, inside sales reps couldn’t compete in the race with outside sales. But after technology advancements and digital expansion, inside sales is growing more rapidly than outside sales. By 2020, inside sales will almost take over outside sales. There are several reasons why inside sales are gaining popularity, one of them is – Change in buyer behaviors and preferences. Buyers are now more aware of what features they want in their product. They gain almost all the required information through online research and they are too busy to meet a real salesman.

8 Mistakes Inside Sales Managers Make While Hiring New Sales Reps

Hiring fresh blood is any day important for your company. It requires a lot of attention, as it precisely impacts the company’s bottom line. Nevertheless, it is impossible to determine a rep’s innate abilities and skills in just a few recruitment rounds. Sales managers at times make mistakes and end up hiring inefficient reps. Sometimes, a blunder like this can cost a lot to the company.

10 Killer LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Inside Sales Prospecting

1 out of every 3 professionals in the world is on LinkedIn”. LinkedIn is the best social media source to engage customers and prospects. It has also proved to be a great medium for generating leads and social selling. LinkedIn is on hype and if you are not optimizing it, you are missing out on one of the most lucrative opportunities to break through your revenue.

We hope that some of these posts have provided inspiration for your business and we will continue doing the same for you in forthcoming years

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