Email Personalization : Superpower of Sales Development Rep

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Ask a sales development rep (SDR) about email as a channel to reach out to their  prospects and their first expression can tell you whether they are doing it the right way.

SDRs who have cracked the code of email personalization and recognized the value it delivers are up for using emails as a major medium for sales outreach. On the other hand, SDRs who are still entangled in sending the old-school mass emails to all of their prospect lists will grumble about email outreach.

Which side are you on?

Research shows that personalized emails improve click through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. Now, do I still need to put it explicitly that email personalization is really an SDR’s superpower! It’s just a matter of approach and results are extreme.

So if you are interested to know what needs to be done to ensure you are a superhero at the end of the day, then get ready with your cape and read on-

Social Media – your Midas Touch

There is abundance of information about your prospects lying out there on social media platforms, it’s up to you how you can turn that information into gold literally. As Jill Rowley says “To be interesting, be interested first”. Your prospects don’t want you to spam their inbox with automated mass emails, rather be proactive and show them that you care. Nobody likes to be sold to, therefore, make an effort to offer value by being helpful instead of pitching your product.

And just to remind you, using prospect’s name in the email subject line does NOT account for personalization. Take a step ahead and put in the context to your email by using social triggers like like your prospect’s LinkedIn activity or their skills and interests listed on their social profiles. It will take some time but the effort is truly worth for.

Practice Empathy – think as your prospect

When you know your ideal customer persona well and understand their pain points, you can devise a personalized message to which they can directly relate. Persona based messaging will get you better results as the various contact points within the same account would be having their own distinct pain points which needs to be addressed differently via tailor-made messaging.

On an average, every account has 4-5 decision makers across the organization and if you are able to reach them to convey a message that they can relate to, then getting conversions would be much easier. 

Creativity – force to be reckoned with

Getting better response from emails also calls for using your creativity to personalize the message in a way that catches the prospect’s attention and interest. You might be refer to a prospect’s details available on their social accounts, but using them creatively is something that will earn you brownie point. Don’t forget a fool with a tool is still a fool. So, putting the in right context and using them intelligently is what gives you an edge.

Secondly, if you can put your creativity to drive personalization at scale by focussing on certain common features amongst your prospects, then as a sales development superhero you have succeeded to save the world of sales

So, next time when you are sending out those prospecting emails, make sure that you are finishing the task as a superhero.

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