Dreamforce 2017 Rewind : Takeaways for Inside Sales Squad

Dreamforce 2017 Inside Sales 

Dreamforce may be over, but the key themes remain! Another inspiring edition of the biggest Tech-Sales event was held last week and during the four crazy days of absolute learning and discussion, few themes have stood out from the Inside Sales perspective. Let’s dive into the interesting stuff which will help you accelerate sales and hit your last quarter’s quota in 2017.

One of my favorite sessions was “The Science of Inside Sales and Sales Acceleration” by none other than the Inside Sales Guru, Ken Krogue. The fact that Inside Sales is growing 300% faster than traditional sales is a proof in itself that the industry is bullish and with advancement in technology and predictive analytics it has changed the Sales landscape. Ken discussed about how the speed of response can trump price, quality and service in today’s world of instant gratification. So with right sales tools and technology stack reps can add science to their prospecting to ensure more closures.

So moving ahead I would like to highlight the key takeaways from Dreamforce 2017 that you can leverage in your daily sales outreach to ace sales prospecting:

Connect With Your Prospects Faster

Time is of essence, especially when you are in Sales. Reps should be freed from non-productive activities like manual dialling, logging activities, and other such trivial tasks. Instead they should spend their time doing what they do best, Selling. Rep efficiency is directly proportional to the overall Sales conversions. Advancement in technology has changed the inside sales landscape and enhanced employee productivity is a reality. Automation is the name of the game!

Advanced Inside Sales software has made a rep’s daily life at work really smooth. Capabilities like click-to-call, automatic call logging, intelligent call list and auto voicemail drops are making sales prospecting faster and efficient.

Adopt Persistent Multi-Touch Sales Outreach

Today’s customer is tech-savvy and communicates via medium of her choice, the catch here is for the Sales Development Reps (SDRs), as to how they reach out to their prospects. Be it calls, emails or social, SDRs need to make sure that they are present where their prospects are. Period. But manually following up on a large number of leads and keeping a track of your sales pipeline could be a harrowing task.

But fear not, intelligent Inside Sales Software is here for your rescue. With features like Sales Cadence, SDRs can follow up on their leads in a structured and persistent manner while ensuring a multi-touch and multi-channel approach. Research has shown that sales teams following structured sales workflow achieve their quotas 57% of the time as opposed to those who go about it randomly.

Create and Send Personalized Emails

“There is always a human on the other side.” This quote beautifully captures the essence of personalization. IS team in particular has to weave personalization in their prospecting approach to win the trust of prospects and project credibility. Dreamforce 2017 like the last edition was high on personalization bandwagon, and why not! After all personalization is a differentiator between a good and a great sales conversation.

Inside Sales software helps reps to implement personalization at scale. SDRs can create email templates with smart fields to give a context to each and every prospecting email that they send out. Unlike automated bulk emails, personalized emails result in context-driven human-to-human sales approach, thus, initiating great conversations

Imbibe Social Listening to Convert Insights Into Action

Social listening helps sales development reps to initiate conversations with prospects in the real time scenarios. Picture this – one of your qualified prospects is tweeting about a problem or requirement that your product can fulfil, and you get notified for this simultaneously to respond in real time. Imagine the conversion rate for such sales leads. But filtering the right conversations on the wide social platform is not a cakewalk without the right technology.

Inside Sales software that support social channels can facilitate social listening by identifying the sales insights across social media platforms and channelising the right inputs for SDRs to initiate context-driven conversations with right people at the right time.


With this my Dreamforce 2017 rewind comes to an end. It’s interesting to witness how technology is making Sales processes faster, smarter, and more intuitive to drive better efficiency and high conversion rates.

I would love to hear about your favourite themes from this year’s Dreamforce in the Comments section below.

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