Cold Calling Strategies That Give You Warm Introductions and High ROI

Cold Calling Strategies 

Emails, phone calls, and social media marketing are one of the best ways of making new connections. And no matter how many other ways technology would continue to create for us to connect, nothing could ever replace face to face, hand to hand connect. And in the challenging world of businesses today, sales people and business owners are focussing more and more on their efforts, securing sales appointments and winning new businesses. When done right with some smart research, scripts, presentations, and delivery, cold calling does land businesses even if the money is tight.

Given here are the seven expert tips to help your call cold and yield some hot and better marketing results.

Researching more about your prospects: You would need to target your cold calling with the right marketing audience. Use market research in order to focus on your target audience. Then try and find out more about the company whom you will be calling, as this gives you the advantage of being able to talk about their business and needs whenever you get on a call with them.

Making calls every day: Ten cold calls made every day in a month is much easier than saving them all up, and trying to make 230 on the final day of the month. 10 calls every day would here mean making positive sales habits and positive sales habit would here mean consistent sales success.

Tone of your voice: You as a telemarketer would obviously not want to sound sheepish, embarrassed, or arrogant. The ideal tone that has to be used here is warm, businesslike, curious and straight to the point. Another good option for you as a telemarketer here is to ask a question or make a ‘cut to the chase’ statement, say, for example “I have got a question”.

Practice, practice, and practice: As with most skills, the cold calling you do the better result you get. So try and rehearse your pitch with the ones around as the experts around suggest standing during calls in order to give your voice authority and some energy. Some even suggest facing the mirror in order to see when your energy or body language flags and you could adjust.

Take a break after 15 minutes of call: After 15 minutes of your call take a five minutes break where you could stretch, sip a soda, turn on some tunes, and patting yourself on your back because you do know that you will make things happen. Then grab the phone for 15 more calls.

Have you been pitching prematurely: This is generally one of the common mistakes made by the sales representative when on a call with their customers. They launch into their pitch too early without even understanding what their prospects really need. So as a sales representative, try and understand when the right time for you to deliver your sales pitch is and how you could make it stronger so that the customers could come forward and buy the products from you.

Do your cold calling in the morning or early afternoon: These are the best times you could reach the decision makers directly. Studies have shown that Thursday is the best time you could make cold calls, followed by Wednesday and Tuesday being the worst.

To conclude; while cold calling may never turn out to be fun for you, you could, in turn, make it fun loving and better, as it is believed that the more you practice the more effective a sales tactic would turn out to be. So get your scripts and call list together and reach the phone. The people who want to do business with you would definitely be out there for you. But you will here have to know who you are and what you have for them to offer.

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Jain is a Strategic Marketing Manager from Ampliz who focused on small business solutions. He writes about new marketing tips & techniques. His recent article is about Cold Call Strategies which help entrepreneurs to manage their sales and marketing calls.

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