Build a Hot Prospect List with Sales Prospecting Emails on Weekends

I recently came up with an interesting hack of building a hot prospect list easily with sales prospecting emails on weekends. 

Wondering who would reply to a prospecting email on weekends? 

Actually no-one, but their auto responder would. This is all I need for initiating a sales conversation.

Sales Prospecting Emails on Weekends


Discovered by accident. 

I was experimenting with days of the week for maximizing open, click and reply rates. The reply rate was very high on weekends due to auto replies but it also occurred to me that these guys have in a way replied and can be considered as hot prospects.

Why Autoreplies?

You must have noticed that most auto replies are interactive and polite. After all everyone wants to look good on their automated emails. In most cases the automated replies are considered as a “No” and never replied to. 

Sending across a similar reply will definitely create a buzz (automatically keeping the prospect hot) and a chance of taking the sales conversation further forward. Hot prospect is like a cup of tea. It doesn’t remain hot for long, unless heated again. Similarly, sales reps have to devote a lot of time in maintaining a list of hot prospects and keeping them hot.


I can think of two at the moment.

  • Easy follow up – You know when to follow up exactly. Since you have a reply, the prospect is also a hot prospect.
  • Lead Generation  Sometimes autoreplies contain contact details of guys you can get in touch with. Nothing better than registering their details for prospecting.

Tell me if there are more.

At the moment I don’t have any numbers to share for this process but my sales team had enough guys to follow up on weekdays and the sales conversations were actually very fruitful.

Do let me know your numbers.


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