Bucket Your Hot Leads For Better Conversion Rate

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Sales reps are inundated with large volumes of B2B sales leads on a daily basis. Irrespective of the lead source, reps need to keep a close watch on their valuable leads which are nearer to appointment setting or closure. There should be an immense focus on the hot leads so that they could turn such leads into their valuable customers.

Reps need a mechanism to treat their hot leads exclusively to optimise their efforts. Inside Sales Box introduces a new feature, My Bucket List – a sticky note on screen, which helps reps to bucket their crucial leads. This ensures that all such leads always stay in front of reps and they can act on them anytime, as they are easily identifiable from all other leads.

Working with My Bucket List

To add the leads to My Bucket List, reps are required to select the leads from the lead list and then click on My Bucket List. Adding the leads to My Bucket List, makes them available on the Rep Dashboard where all the relevant data related to the rep activities are displayed. Reps can immediately take action on the leads in the bucket list.

So now you can have an easy time handling your hot leads to enusre quick conversion rate.

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