Bring Intelligence To Social Listening With Inside Sales Box

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Social selling is the buzz word but when it comes to implement it and make it a part of daily sales process; salespeople have their apprehensions. But there have been proven results that sales reps who identify and leverage social triggers at the right time and in a right manner have achieved higher sales conversion than their counterparts.

If a sales rep can get the social insights about their prospects within their sales platform they can better manage their messaging and will have higher efficiency as they will not have to hop between their sales platform and social media platforms to track their every prospect. To ensure that social selling is executed in the most efficient way, Inside Sales Box has introduced a new feature that gives a super power to sales reps in the form of intelligence based Social Listening.

With this feature, sales development reps (SDRs) can effectively track their prospects’ tweets and see if they are talking about the pain points which your product offering solves and then respond to their tweets. This works on the principle of context-driven conversations while reaching out to your prospects. So you simply have to tell the system about the context or triggers you are looking out for and the system uses the intelligence to get you the list of your prospects’ tweets in context of the triggers you have mentioned.

Let’s understand how it can help you to up your social selling game:

Implement Social Listening At Its Best

Social listening is indeed a sales guy’s super power, but listening the right things from a gamut of social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, Inside Sales Box has left no stone unturned to make an SDR’s life easy by introducing the intelligence-driven social listening over their all-in-one inside sales platform. So to begin with you just have to give a brief description of what all you want to hear about from your prospects; and then the system will prompt you about their tweets whenever they are talking about the triggers given by you. This helps to ensure that SDRs do not miss anything which is of value to their prospects and always be  there to offer help in solving their pain points.

Initiate Context-Driven Conversation

When you already know what your prospects are talking about, then the concept of cold outreach is no more there. Sales reps are better placed to reach out to their leads in a rather warm way while initiating context-driven conversations. They are more aware about the prospect’s specific pain points and can tailor their messaging to suit their needs. There are more chances to start conversations if you are offering help to solve a prospect’s pain points rather than just pitching your product in a cold outreach. Sales rep can generate maximum value by applying personalization while approaching the prospects by taking the insight from these social triggers.

Real Time Lead Prioritization

With this feature Inside Sale Box makes sure that for every lead in your database all the concerned tweets are tracked on the basis of relevance and time. With reference to the mentioned description of your triggers, system will give a relevance score to the tweets from your prospects, which helps SDRs to prioritize and decide which leads should be reached out first. Also, to better manage the leads, there is an option to filter leads on the basis of last contact made with that particular lead to plan activities accordingly and craft the right message.


Intelligent social listening is essential to move through a clutter of social media noise to get the most out of social selling and Inside Sales Box is enabling just that for modern sales reps.

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