Boost Sales Productivity With Inside Sales Box and Zoho Integration

zoho-crm integration

Zoho CRM is an easy to use platform for sales teams to manage sales pipeline. However, if you plan to use the power of inside sales software along with Zoho for your inside sales team, it becomes a challenge to keep processes of both the inside sales and sales teams in sync.

Inside Sales Box is an inside sales tool which provides flexibility to integrate with prominent CRMs like Zoho and Salesforce. In this blog, we will talk about the immense value we bring to inside sales with Zoho integration.

Inside Sales Box and Zoho integration offers following benefits to accelerate sales process:

Easy Addition of Zoho Leads Into InsideSalesBox

Once both the platforms are integrated, you can simply upload the existing Zoho leads over Inside Sales Box in CSV format to get started. The integration ensures field-mapping of the lead details, as per Zoho on Inside Sales Box. You can create custom fields as well to map the user or process specific fields, if any.

Lead Creation with Automatic 2 Way Sync

Every new lead created on any of the two platforms, will be auto-created on the other one. This will avoid any duplication of efforts and data mismanagement. Inside Sales Box helps in social prospecting and capturing leads from LinkedIn and other platforms via Omni-Google Chrome extension. These leads will also be automatically added to a Zoho leads database.

No More Manual Activity Logging

As sales development reps (SDRs) connect with prospects to generate appointments for sales managers or account executives (AEs) and manage all these details over Zoho. The latter would like to keep a track of all the previous activities performed by SDRs to get a complete view of the prospect’s details .

So, when SDRs call or email a prospect over Inside Sales Box, it automatically gets logged over both the platforms without any manual interference. To ensure that there is no data loss, all the activity related details like call disposition, call recording link, call timing and call duration also gets logged on Zoho CRM. Similarly, all the emails that are being sent to prospects get auto-logged in on Zoho, with the necessary supporting details.

Simultaneous Lead Status Update

As SDRs generate appointments or leads using Inside Sales Box, which are further handed over to AEs for closure, the latter should be notified over their Zoho CRMs to ensure smooth functioning, without any data mismanagement. Inside Sales Box and Zoho Integration offers a real time lead status update on Zoho CRM, whenever a lead status is changed over Inside Sales Box and vice versa. 


To give more power to your sales teams for better conversions, you should try Inside Sales Box integration with your Zoho CRM.

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