Boost Outbound Dialer Sales | What Marketing Segmentation can teach us?


Outbound Sales is not just Cold Calling. What HubspotMarketo has done to Web and Email engagements can be applied to Calls also.

One of the most important and time consuming tasks for the Campaign Manager in a B2C Lead Generation/Inside Sales process is managing leads. It is observed that most B2C Sales processes use predictive dialers to generate leads. This can result in increased productivity (By 300-400%).  

 The leads can come from various sources like – 

– Marketing (Website)
– Bought from the internet
– Hot Leads – Incoming Calls (Direct Response to Television/Radio Campaigns)

It is extremely important that  one understands the source, Cost and Immediacy of the lead. All leads and lists are not made equal. a Hot lead has a far higher chance of conversion as compared to dialling from a random Internet lead list (You should not be doing that). 

Now for a campaign manager to be successful in managing these leads he needs two things – 

1. A method to tell the dialer what is important

The way to implement is to have multiple leads supported in the Outbound dialer. Then to tell the dialer which leads to pick up first and how many numbers to take from each lead. This requires both priority and Weightage to be supported in the Outbound dialer leads management. 

So Lets assume you have 3 leads 

Qualified leads – From Website or from Cold Calling

Cold Leads – Internet lists

Hot Leads – People who want to be called back (Response to a TV ad)

Here the Hot leads should have first priority and as long as there is even a single hot lead if should be dialled. 

Now at priority 2 we can put Qualified leads and Cold Leads with lets say 40% and 60% weights. This would mean that 40% numbers would be called from Qualified leads but we would also go through the cold leads so as to keep a constant flow of Qualified leads.

Actionable – Make a list of all types of leads that are in your system and try and define what is the priority of each and what should be the weightage

 2. Mechanism to monitor leads performance 

Most Outbound dialer have mechanisms to handle this (or a part of it) however in a recent observation that I made at a few contact centers the tools are seldom used the way they should be. 

The two things you should be continuously monitoring about leads is Penetration and Hit Rates. Penetration means how much of that lead has been tried at least once. Hit rates means how good is the lead in terms of giving us Right party Connects.

This should be available as a real time information and one should have an option to set alerts on this. As a day end report it does not solve the purpose of Campaign monitoring. 

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Actionable – Observe the Penetration Rates and Hit Rates of yous lists and enable disable OR change priorities to get more effective conversions.

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