Blending for Outbound Sales is not Just productivity, its a Necessity

6One Cursory look at the term ‘blending’ and the first word that comes to mind is ‘productivity’. I have always wondered about the customers who did not answer calls received from predictive dialer, don’t they ever callback. What do they hear if they do?

Did I get your attention? 

Surprisingly most hosted dialers in the market do not handle inbound calls by default (They have a package called blended) . I am not talking about having your Enterprise contact center IVR route calls for Inbound Sales/Support. That is different. I am talking about a lead generation/ Outbound Sales company losing potential B2C Sales deals, because a customer who has not answered in the afternoon, called back. 

If you are feeling equally surprised it’s time to check what happens when the customer calls back. It becomes even more interesting if you are using randomized or Local Caller ID function. 

Make sure you are not leaving deals on the table because you missed an incoming call. 

 Blending your outbound sales with inside sales can really increase your productivity.

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